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Last week I posted a warning to people who have G.I.A. certificates: some are being recalled. Without my Facebook feed, you’d never know if YOU had one of those suspicious diamonds.

Once in awhile I’ll put up inspiring proposals, funny stories, information about local and national charity events…I don’t plan to post to Facebook often from now on, so don’t worry about Big Sky Gold monopolizing your Facebook wall.

I’m going to contact my Web host to remove this site from the Internet in the next few weeks…I no longer want to eliminate 500+ spam messages every week to get one or two legitimate personal messages…and I’m not selling anything!

Have a great summer and thank you for over 22 years of loyalty and trust.

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What’s worse than a stale website?


You knew this was coming, right?

Since shutting our doors at Christmas, I’ve been neglecting this website. Instead of maintaining a stale presence on the ‘net, I’m going to pull down and just stick to my Facebook page, where I can share advice, trends, family and client news, etc

If you want to contact me via, this is your last chance.  I’m maintaining ownership of the name, so if you see some other website that looks eerily like this one, be careful: it’s not Big Sky Gold.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder? Fight the blues with THE BLUES!

One of my favorite YOGO SAPPHIRE bracelets arrived TOO LATE from my goldsmith to promote in my Holiday Menu, online or even on my Facebook page in time for Christmas.

This bracelet features 4.27 carats of painstakingly matched AAA (FINEST!) Yogos, set “off kilter” in this gorgeous heirloom. Here, take a look at it on my wrist.

Details? There are 44 Marquise Brilliant Cut Yogos chasing each other all around the wrist. Each Yogo is about 4.5 x 2.2 mm. The bracelet is just a tad over 7″ long and it weighs 12.7 grams (8.2 DWT). It’s an Italian made setting (they’re the best, ask anyone!), set in the USA.

The sapphires are not only lovely, but they are very well set into this 14 k. rhodium-plated white gold bracelet. Click on this picture to enlarge, below. No dinky prongs here, no hasty setting job. Look at the finish on each one of these links.

This bracelet will appraise for $6,000.





The back streets of Great Falls Montana are more like slot car tracks, with icy mounds that make steering wheels scarily irrelevant.All that ice outside ought to remind you that there are still some great bargains on big diamonds at Big Sky Gold.

If  you are celebrating an anniversary or an engagement, how about this great ring from award-winning Denver designer John Atencio?

Let me tell you a little about this ring. The center diamond is a 1.51 carat Round Brilliant. Please forgive the little ‘flash’ reflection in the table of the diamond and concentrate instead on its color, clarity and terrific cut.

The diamond is certified as a G Color, SI1 Clarity Round Brilliant, but I am a picky picky person, and I’m classically trained. To my eye, this diamond is more like an I Color and a nice SI2. The important thing is that the diamond faces WHITE and EYE CLEAN. So many “I” color diamonds from mall jewelry stores face up yellow. Not this baby. And if you have 20/20 vision, you ain’t seein’ nothin but sparkle!

And the cut? The certificate calls it an “Excellent Ideal Cut.” I wouldn’t argue too much here. With a depth of 62% and a 54% table, this diamond is about as lively as they come.

And if you are the nervous type, don’t worry about anyone EVER playing switcheroo on this baby: the diamond is laser inscribed.

Oh, and by the way, this diamond is CERTIFIED CONFLICT FREE.

A little more about the ring:

This professional photo shows that this Apropos Plus set is actually TWO rings! You can wear the channel set band on the same side as the channel set detail on the engagement ring, or you can wear it on the other side (see first photo, above).

If you are a medical professional, or you just dislike prong-settings, this is YOUR RING. You can slip on a pair of gloves, likety-split!

Unlike most rings that are sold in the USA that are about 58% gold, this ring is crafted in 18 karat white gold–it’s 75% gold.

At retail, this wedding set sells for $25,000.  Go ahead. Call Kay Jewelers in Great Falls (454-2900) or maybe Jensen’s (761-8900) and ask them for an “ideal cut G Color SI1 Clarity Round Brillliant in a Designer 18 k. ring.” Then email me at


Thank You, Everyone. All the Best for 2015!


The Dutton farmer who came in two weeks before Christmas, with bullshit on his boots and the farm checkbook under one arm.

The guy from Malmstrom who, after a failed first marriage, called me from an Air Force Base in Korea for a ring to give his second bride.

The woman who (before I went ‘by appointment’) used to stop by every week and try on darn near everything in the cases, until I told her there was a drug bust across the street and it would be safer if she left. (She never came back, oh well).

The gal who, after every promotion, bought herself something a little bigger, until the rock she left with was so huge that she had to back out my front door sideways.

The young lesbian couple who cried when I treated them with dignity.

I didn’t sell jewelry. For the past 22 years I have been the purveyor of precious symbols–and I have the pictures to prove it.

I Was Responsible for Many Deep Knee Bends

The Future Mrs. Davies was Ambushed by Trucks. Good Thing She Said Yes!



Peggy Was a Winner For One of Big Sky Gold’s Charity Drawings!

I’ve had a lot of fun, and with the support of my husband, my kids, my clients and my peers in the diamond and jewelry industry, I’ve learned a lot…

It’s time for new challenges.

Although I haven’t found a single jewelry/goldsmith/appraisal business that will satisfy my high standards, IF YOU ARE ALREADY A CLIENT OF MINE and have an issue or concern, or a specific need, please email me at I will do my best to refer you to someone, if I can.

In the meantime, KEEP ON SHINING…and check back often to see clearance prices on my extensive remaining inventory!


What??? You haven’t checked my Facebook Page?


Keep in touch, get information on trends, designs, and caring for your jewelry on Facebook. Just follow Big Sky Gold on Facebook!




`ADA 7569 SOUTH SEA Pearl! .36 CTW in diamonds.  18 K white gold. Retail: $2100. INTERNET SPECIAL: SOLD

FIVE CARAT total weight diamond bracelet. Retail: $8,500. In my Holiday Menu for $3456. INTERNET ONLY PRICE: SOLD

#4172: BRAND NEW CUSTOM MADE PLATINUM DIAMOND RING. This rides LOW!!! With a 1.25 carat SI2 Clarity H Color center diamond. Retail is $12-14,000. INTERNET SPECIAL: SOLD

South Sea Silvers, Golds, and Peachy Pearls, set in an 18 k. yellow gold bracelet. Lobster clasp with diamonds! 8″ long. RETAIL: $2500. Big Sky Price: $1384.  MENTION THIS INTERNET SPECIAL  FOR sold

Wow! A JOHN ATENCIO Apropos Plus 18 k. white gold wedding set with a certified 1.51 carat G/SI1 Round Brilliant Center (though I grade the center I/SI2). You’d easily pay $25K for this ring.  You pay only $9000 from Big Sky Gold!

#4154. 1/2 ctw YOGO Sapphire and diamond ring. So low and comfy: make a statement! It’s in my menu for $878. SOLD

This lovely 14 k. white gold earring and necklace suite is perfect for the fashionable young lady on your gift list. Retail: $900. Big Sky Price, the set: SOLD

Saturday Special!!! ONE DAY ONLY, For Your Ice Princess


For your bride, your Sweetheart, or…Yourself!

This one-carat LEO CUT diamond is certified as an F Color, SI1 Clarity by EGL USA; the side diamonds are GIA certified, G/H, VS clarity, totaling .76 ctw.  If you were to buy this ring from Kay Jewelers, it would cost you at least $15,000.  In my Holiday Menu, it’s $7,249. TODAY, SATURDAY DEC. ONLY: $6436…The dealer list price for the loose diamonds alone is (no kidding) $7202.  If you want this ring (sizable from a 4.5 to an 8, at least…), send me an email at SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Appetizers From Our Annual Holiday Menu





Delicate diamond encrusted necklace, crafted in 14 karat white gold.  Retail:$895  Big Sky Gold: SOLD






That makes a great promise ring or avant garde stacker (I have more).  Retail:$549  Big Sky Gold: $98






Diamond dangle earrings and matching articulated pendant in a 14 k. white gold, with chain. Retail:$999   Big Sky Gold:SOLD








I have three or four pairs of small studs — perfect for ‘second holes’ and those moments when a spark is enough.  Big Sky Gold: Price varies









A special 1/5 carat diamond with a double-cut pavilion, a platinum chain & white gold bezel.  Retail:$995  Big Sky Gold:SOLD

Did Santa Leave Some Shekels in Your Stocking?



These are nice enough to take out and set into a ring.  H/SI1.  Retail: $1,599  Big Sky Gold: $811





This “Jabel” setting from the 1950′s had never been set with gemstones.  With rare emerald cut Yogo Sapphires.  Retail: $3,499  Big Sky Gold: SOLD










Tri-tone, Italian made bracelet.  Yellow, white and rose gold.  Retail: $2,000  Big Sky Gold:SOLD


Smooth, substantial and clean.  Retail: $2,997  Big Sky Gold: SOLD


With a tiny diamond to light up the pearshape Yogo sapphires.  These look great with a floppy sweatshirt or a strapless gown.  Retail: $1,699  Big Sky Gold: SOLD









Almost 1.00 carat, tw, three matched Leo cut princess diamonds.  Retail: $5,500  Big Sky Gold: $SOLD

Entrees For the Hearty (and Savvy) Part 2



This 1.11 carat oval Yogo sapphire puts most other oval Yogos to shame. The outline!  The Fire! Call a retail jeweler to get a comparison price.  Retail: $15,817  Big Sky Gold: SOLD








Crafted with loving care over a hundred years ago, this ring is the perfect accompaniment to an elegant evening, or a centerpiece for the serious collector.  Retail: $6,000  Big Sky Gold: SOLD








In this classic three-prong necklace…crafted in the USA to lay perfectly on a woman’s  neck.  If you only buy one fine necklace EVER, this should be the one.  Retail: $86,500  Big Sky Gold: SOLD




2.51 carats of GIA certified Fancy Yellow Diamonds in 18 karat gold drop earrings.  Keep the smelling salts handy.  Retail: $38,000  SOLD








A full 2.5 carats in “red carpet worthy” bezel earrings.  The diamonds are all colorless and at least VS Clarity.  You gotta see these!  Retail: (no kidding) $10,000  Big Sky Gold: SOLD









An entire fortune in one ring.  Liquidate the 401 K, sell the house, get a new identity and live off the auction proceeds from this ring for years to come.  1.94 certified blue diamond center.  Retail: Ask Mr. Bond, James Bond.  Call for Big Sky Gold Price. This item has sold. Please call for current inventory of natural fancy color diamonds.

Preserves: Vintage & Antique Treats



I’ll give you $50 off the purchase price!  It’s a perfect example , with seed pearls, green gold, enamel and of course, tassels!  Retail: $2,995  Big Sky Gold: $877









In what jewelers call a “correct” Art Deco ring, crafted in platinum.  Two carats, total weight.  Retail: $9,200  Big Sky Gold: $4,175 SOLD!





From the Belle Epoque.  One full carat, total weight, with a nice .40 ct. center.  This is a rare beauty.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD






because it looks like the ornate iron gates on Victorian homes.  With diamonds and sapphires.  Retail: $799 Big Sky Gold: SOLD


Platinum diamond wreath with painstaking craftsmanship.  Not too big.  Not too small.  Wearable year ’round.  Retail: $5,000  SOLD

She’ll Be Your Valentine…


A Lovely Rose Gold, White Gold and Diamond Heart, soooo much prettier in person. Retail: $999. Big Sky price: SOLD

Colombian emerald, platinum and diamond revival ring–for the hand of feminine authority. Retail: $7999. Big Sky price: $SOLD





Not Your Grandmother’s Heart Necklace! 14 k. rose gold, of course. Retail: $1299. Big Sky price: SOLD

Classic, Clean, Diminutive: A Perfect Gift. 14 k. white gold. Retail: $629. Big Sky price: $SOLD

Magic Mushroom Ring! Center is a 2.22 carat diamond, surrounded by 1 carat total weight in small accent diamonds. Retail: $29,500. Big Sky price: $SOLD

Late Art Deco Asymmetrical Diamond Ring. 1.58 carats, total weight with a .75 carat center diamond. The Real McCoy. Retail: $4500. Big Sky price: SOLD.

15-carat Aquamarine with amazing color. Platinum pave, 1.50 carats, total weight. This ring fills a niche, and it takes up all the real estate between your knuckle and the base of your finger. Retail: $15,000. Big Sky price: SOLD!

Welcome to Big Sky Gold


One-Fifth Carat Diamond Necklace, $795 Retail Value.

Big Sky Gold’s Mascot, Ezz Butt, Under My Desk

Just before Valentine’s Day, Big Sky Gold will give away this classic diamond necklace (above) to a special friend who posts a picture of his or her favorite companion animal on Big Sky Gold’s FACEBOOK page.

We’ll donate $2 per entry to a local charity, Pet Paw See. This volunteer group helps to place abandoned, neglected and stray animals into “furrever homes.” If your picture depicts a rescued animal, I will double our donation, up to a $500 total donation to Pet Paw See.

Just go to ,  click “Like” Big Sky Gold, and post your picture on our wall. That’s all there is to it.

Good luck in our drawing… and, next time you schedule an appointment, say hi to Ezz Butt, our nine-year-old rescue cat! Several times a week, she’ll run outside, jump in our minivan and wait to be driven to the office.

Animal lovers SHINE at Big Sky Gold!


It’s Award Season! How About a Red-Carpet Worthy Ring of Your Own?


#3954. A modern, two piece wedding set features a .52 carat center diamond, VS Clarity, nice I Color, set into a diamond-accented ‘euroshank’ wedding set, 1.25 carats, total weight. Retail: $5000. Big Sky price:SOLD

Wow! a 4.02 carat EGL USA certified Radiant Cut Diamond, I color, SI1 Clarity, in a gorgeous simple diamond accent solitaire. Retail is about $63,000. Big Sky Gold: SOLD!

An original “halo” ring from the 1960′s! NOT your modern mass-made imitation. This ring features an ideal cut .70 carat VS1/H to I center with a total of 1.36 carats, total weight. Lovingly restored. Retail: $5900. Big Sky price:SOLD

Go out into the garage. Look at that SUV! What about that snowmobile, and the hunting equipment? That boat? The trailer? Tell him it’s your turn: this 2.97 carat certified solitaire will be clicking up value after his toys are in the scrap heap. Retail: $31,500. Big Sky price: SOLD

It makes me sad when people think that we’re more expensive than other jewelers! Here’s a great example of a unique wedding set that will make retailers scratch their heads. This platinum Jeff Cooper signed wedding set with almost 1 carat total weight in fine VVS-VS D-F diamonds lists for over $9000 at retail. The center diamond, a 1.02 carat colorless, certified Radiant Cut, would retail at nearly $7000. That’s $16,000 retail. At Big Sky Gold? This set is $7000, complete.

This is a very sweet antique wedding set with a .63 carat European Cut, VS2 Clarity, J Color center diamond. Retail is nearly $2000. A modest engagement ring doesn’t have to be boring! Big Sky price: $920. SOLD

Here Come the Brides!



Though weddings are wonderful any time of year, many Montana couples choose to have their ceremonies when there’s less chance of being snowed out…from mid-June until early October.

If you are planning a ceremony,  celebrating an anniversary, or you’d like something special for the bride in your life, take a peek at these lovely jewelry accents.

Signed Sapphire (YOGO??) Bracelet from the 1940′s (3958)


This signed bracelet was lovingly crafted in platinum in the 1940′s, with six natural sapphires that, though they are uncertified, could very well be Yogos…It’s definitely something OLD, and something BLUE…and, dear Mother of the Bride or Groom, you can purchase this for yourself and loan it out for the ceremony! That makes it something borrowed, too.

Retail: $5000. Big Sky price: SOLD


For Your Princess… (3850)


Here’s a classic wedding set that’s flattering on most hands: the center is over .80 carats, and the white gold split shank engagement ring is very wearable–it’s not ‘perched’ like many modified cathedral settings can be.

Retail: $4000. Big Sky price: SOLD






Airy Pear (#3927)


If the bridal gown has a deep V-neck, or it’s clean and simple, a statement necklace like this could be the accent that lights up her smile.

The center is a .93 ct. pear shape diamond, and the total weight of the pendant is 1.25 carats.

Most wedding jewelry is fake. It’s meant to be worn once. By the fifth anniversary is broken, lost or forgotten. This necklace is a family heirloom that’s actually wearable, for generations to come.

Retail: $4500. Big Sky price: SOLD







Gorgeous Pearl Drop Earrings (3943)

Gorgeous Pearl Drop Earrings 

Lovely pearl earrings…with diamond accents. Antique revival look, with millegrained edges.

Imagine these on your wedding day: they’re perfect for any white or eggshell gown. And after the ceremony, if you’d rather make TWO PENDANTS–one for you, and one for your maid-of-honor or new mother-in-law, that’s easy.

Retail: $975.

Big Sky price: SOLD





Please call 406-453-7300 or e-mail us at for more information or to make an appointment.




They’re all over a carat, they are all PRETTY, and they’re all UNDER $3000!

  • The first diamond is a 1.03 carat RADIANT CUT, measuring 6.68 x 5.63 x 3.25 mm. It’s an I Color and an SI3 Clarity. Retail is about $5000. From BIG SKY GOLD, SOLD
  • Below that is a 1.20 carat OVAL BRILLIANT CUT, measuring 8.35 x 5.47 x 3.65 mm. It’s a very pleasant I1 Clarity, H Color, and would sell from a mall jeweler for abou $6000. From BIG SKY GOLD, SOLD
  • Third in line is a rare RECTANGULAR PRINCESS CUT.  A full 1.50 carat diamond, I1 Clarity, J Color, with dimensions of 6.87 x 5.43 x 4.45 mm., this diamond would retail for about $7500. BIG SKY GOLD, SOLD!
  • Fourth? Our bluffy 1.00 carat ROUND BRILLIANT. A prongable I1 Clarity, H Color, measuring 6.52 – 6.33 x 3.86 mm. This is a diamond that a chain store would set into a solitaire and mark at $6999. BIG SKY GOLD, SOLD
  • I can’t believe this one. I mean, really. Helllooo? Anyone awake out there?  Direct from my Israeli cutter, the prize of the parcel that I hand-picked in New York City, a 1.00 carat FANCY YELLOW HEART SHAPE DIAMOND, SI3 Clarity. It would make the perfect necklace, set into a custom yellow gold bezel. 7.66 x 7.40 x 2.83 mm. (it looks like a 1.33 carat!) Retail on these diamonds can be silly. Maybe $5000? More??? BIG SKY GOLD: SOLD
  • I’m a sucker for trilliants. This 1.00 carat is a G Color, SI3 Clarity diamond that faces up a tad darker in this picture–partly due to the angle at which it rests, and partly due to some darker ‘twinning wisps’. Measuring 8.29 x 8.38 x 8.27 mm., tip to tip, with a depth of 3.01 mm., this would set up beautifully. Retail is $4500. BIG SKY GOLD: SOLD
  • The last diamond is a natural FANCY YELLOWISH BROWN CUSHION CUT, 1.34 carats, with a VS2 Clarity. It would sell at a mall store for somewhere around $4800-$5500. BIG SKY PRICE: $SOLD                    PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SEEING ANY OF THESE DIAMONDS.  photos taken under natural light with my iPhone…not retouched or enhanced.



Got a little case of the end-of-summer blues? Then it’s time to hop aboard the Yogo Train to celebrate Sapphire Month. If anybody asks “What’s the occasion?” tell ‘em that Claire told you that EVERY MONTANA WOMAN DESERVES A  YOGO SAPPHIRE.

Please email us directly at

Here’s a selection from our inventory of Yogo Sapphires. Do some comparison shopping; you’ll buy from Big Sky!

Yogo .40 ct. Round Brilliant AAA

Retail: $990. Big Sky Price: $488.

Yogo .42 Round Brilliant AA+

Retail: $987. Big Sky Price: $480.

Yogo .45 Princess Violet

Retail: $1231. Big Sky price SOLD

Yogo .53 Marquise AAA

Retail: $1921. Big Sky price: $971.

Yogo .71 MQ Violet/Blue

Retail: $3321. Big Sky Price: $1610.

Yogo Marquise 1.13 ct. AAA Violet

List: $6441. Retail: $16100. Big Sky Price: SOLD


Yogo 1.57 ct. Oval AA+

List: $12,246. Retail: $31,792. Big Sky price: $15,896.

These are cash/wire transfer prices. Prepaid orders only, please. Please e-mail us directly at with any questions, or to get ideas for mountings.  

Thank you!


Yogo Jewelry for Sapphire Month!


Here’s a selection of finished Yogo Sapphire Jewelry from our collection at Big Sky Gold. The dime is on the pad to give you an idea of scale. Click on the picture to enlarge.

It’s the middle of September, which means that Sapphire Month is half over. Here’s a picture of some Yogo Sapphire jewelry from our inventory at Big Sky Gold. Scroll down for descriptions.  If you see something in the picture that isn’t described below, it’s already been sold.

Perfect for two sisters, best friends, or a mother and daughter! Although they are stacked in the picture, they are identical. The idea was to put together something for sisters, best friends, mother-daughter, etc. Each 14 k. white gold necklace is 18″ long, and features a .21 carat FINE Princess cut Yogo. Retail on the pair is $1895; Both SOLD

A classic! .83 AAA Yogo Marquise in a platinum baguette ring. Engagement ring? Anniversary gift? Just because you deserve it??? Retail? $7000+. Big Sky price: $3968.

Small huggie-style (they look like endless small hoops in the ears) earrings, 14 k. white gold, with 2 = .51 ctw. Marquise Yogos and tiny diamonds (.05 ctw.). Diminutive, casual. Retail: $1250. Big Sky price: $592. There’s time to make a matching necklace for the Holidays!



72 carat, total weight, I-J/ SI1-SI2 Round Brilliant Cut diamonds, 2 = .22 ctw. Princess cut Yogos, in 14 k. white gold oval leverbacks (not the old fashioned clunky leverbacks–these are quite delicate). Retail: $2350. Big Sky price: $1377


Super fine Oval Yogos (2=.58 ctw) set with tiny diamond tops (2=.06 ctw), dangling from 14 k. white gold oval leverbacks (see below). Retail: $1000. Big Sky price: $568.

1.20 ctw. Yogo bracelet, in 14 k. white gold, 7″, nicely matched Yogos and a stout setting. Retail: $1999. Big Sky price: SOLD.

Big Sky Gold Luxe


We’ll throw in a package of smelling salts (if the pharmacist at Walgreen’s doesn’t think I’m nuts for asking for a 19th century remedy), with any purchase from our Luxe Collection.

No other jeweler in Montana knows more about Natural Fancy Color Diamonds than our expert at Big Sky Gold. Before you venture into the most concentrated form of wealth on the planet, please take a moment to have a complimentary consultation with Claire.

This ring, featured on the cover of our 2013 Holiday menu, features Natural Fancy Blue, Orange, and Pink diamonds. Please call 406-453-7300 or send us an email at for details. SOLD!



Forget the garland.

Wrap her in 63” of diamonds & platinum.  Sixteen carats, total weight.  Diamonds-by-the-Yard are always in style.  Retail?$40,000.









Royal Blue Sapphire, fit for a Princess!

In 18 k. yellow and platinum.  Retail value, about $24,000.






Our Signature Ring.

Hand engraved platinum with a 1.95 carat, VS1 Clarity center, 2.57 carats, total weight. The perfect design for an active Montana woman. At a retail jeweler, this would be $21,000.



When you’re ready to commit to a fine time-piece,

please contact us with the model number. Big Sky Gold offers fully warrantied watches like this NEW Girard Perregaux, listed at $33,400.









Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.



Appetizers: $160 to $580: A Colorful Tray of Holiday Hors D’oeuvres



Rich ‘buff top’ rhodolite garnet earrings and diamond cut rhodolite matching pendant, set in 14 k. yellow gold.

Retail: $450.  Big Sky Gold: $167








Peridot trilliant “Christmas trees’ for her ears and neck. From an estate, with filigree settings.

Retail :$499.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD








Delicate white gold diamond stud earrings that go with every outfit in her closet. Gorgeous little diamonds, too.

Retail: $450.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD






This sweet estate band is nicely made, but quite small. Just under a size 5, for me, it’s a pinky ring.

Retail: $699.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD





She’ll LOVE the Tahitian Pearl necklace. Set in a nitrile necklace with white pearls on the ends. Easy on, easy off, perfect for your Winter getaway!

Big Sky Gold: SOLD





Diamond bracelet in 14 k. yellow gold, 1 ctw., with detachable jacket.

Estate. $1299, at retail.  Big Sky Gold: $580









Sweet as blueberries, the perfect Yogos for weekends in jeans, multiple piercings. Split the pair for your gents .28 ctw.

(I have several more pairs…call for availability).

Retail: $699.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD



New yellow gold chains, from a store closure. Twelve percent over melt. With Gold at $1344, oz. prices start at $40!

Big Sky Gold: $40-$600






This 14 k. rose gold ring is made from a CAD Design. Available in white and yellow gold, too. Buy two and wear them on each side of a solitaire.

Retail: $600. Matching necklace, too!  Big Sky Gold: SOLD






Romantic Fare for Your Unforgettable Holiday Proposal


Happy Holidays…and Here Comes the Bride! 

There are a few weeks left before all the family celebrations… Now is the perfect time to pop the question. 


Put a ring on it.  Spiffy 3/4 carat European Cut set in 3/4 ctw. ring.Retail: $3475.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD




Just in time for your ceremony.  From the 1930’s, a 1.03 carat Diamond in 14 k.

Retail: $5995.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD





sundae at Dante’s in Great Falls. If you propose at Dante’s with this ring, take a picture. Bring us the bill: dinner for two is on Big Sky Gold. Platinum.

Retail: $7200.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD





Okay, maybe it’s too small for Heidi Klum, but it’ll  melt your ice princess.

Retail: $3975.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD





This Jeff Cooper “Nikole” setting sells for $7000 WITHOUT the center. In our ring,  the center is a certified, F color radiant cut.

Retail: $15,000.  Big Sky Gold:SOLD




For the picky eater. .73 carat VS-clarity  center diamond. This ring that will have her eating out of Your hand…




See something you like? Call us at 406-453-7300, or shoot us an email at for more details.






Entrees for the Hand that Serves the Holiday Table… and for the Woman Who’s Served!



Served rare…there are so few Yogo Sapphires over a carat…This one tilts the scales at 1.57 carats. Would you like a ring or a pendant with that?

Retail: $23,650.  Big Sky Gold: $SOLD






This is the perfect ring for a sharp-shootin’ Montana gal. The center diamond is a 1.64 carat old European cut. Sapphires, diamonds, filigree. In platinum, of course. If you see this at a retailer, it’ll be $20K

Big Sky Gold: SOLD





These Faberge style earrings will light up your Face like the headlights on a Rolls Royce. 3.18 Carats of VS clarity diamonds.

Retail: $13,900.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD






Red carpet worthy. 21.62 carats, mostly VVS Clarity, F-G Color diamonds. Nearly an inch Wide. 83 grams. Stunning.

Retail: $67,420.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD






Unless you really mean it. When you are totin’ a 3.57 caliber—oops, I mean carat—diamond, people are going to take you seriously. Platinum. Vintage.

Retail: $40,000.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD





This magnificent pendant is from J.E. Caldwell, a respected Philadelphia jeweler since 1839. Fine VS Clarity, G Color Diamonds in platinum.

Independently appraised at $13,000.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD









Euro-shank with pave diamonds features a certified 2.28 carat center, G/VS, and an independent Appraisal for over $53,000.

Big Sky Gold: $SOLD






G.I.A. Certified E Color, VS Clarity 1.00 carat Marquise diamond set in a luscious platinum ring. Retail is over $13,500.









Antique platinum filigree: look at this craftsmanship. Center is a .60 VS2 Clarity H Color European cut diamond. 1.10 carats, total weight.

Rings like this can sell upwards of $7,000 at retail…Big Sky Gold: SOLD






You’ll Yogo bracelets, now and then, but mine are a cut above. Personally matched and Set. 14 k. white gold.

Retail: $ 6500.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD



SEVEN carats, total weight. Appraised at $24,550. Platinum and 18 k. Don’t drool on this one!

Big Sky Gold: SOLD







Beside the ice cubes, next to the Hagen Das. 6.50 carats, total weight, in 18 k. white gold.

Retail, about $9000.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD






Who Can Resist Holiday Desserts… from Big Sky Gold’s Calorie-Free Menu?


This is the last of my “MENU” posts! Our entire Holiday Menu is now ONLINE. I’ve got some lovely jewelry that didn’t make it to the studio by press time. I’ll feature some incredible bargains on beautiful, unique gifts in the coming days. Please check back or call 406-453-7300 to inquire about specific items.  

Also, I’ll try to update the website daily so you’ll know which heirlooms have sold. So far, my clientele has racked up a dinner tab over $45,000 from this year’s menu. Say goodbye to the 1.57 carat Yogo, the 2.28 carat ring, and more…




…and these grey Tahitian pearls. Seriously, Meryl Streep wore a strand like this in the movie. You buy these and I’ll buy you a download of the movie where Meryl Streep wears these.

Retail: $6750.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD.


Four carats of diamonds, protected and enhanced by a classic s-link in 14 k. yellow gold. Like new, estate.

Retail: $5,000.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD









…are like ice cream and hot fudge sauce—one enhances the beauty of the other. This pair of dainty dangles features .72 ctw. in diamonds, .22 ctw. in Yogos.

Retail: $2600.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD






from the same tree! An amazing rare violet Yogo, set with two blue sisters. .85 carats. t.w.

Retail is about $3000.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD








Yogo Princess Cut studs and call to thank me after Christmas morning.  Sweet spready blues in 14 karat white gold.

Retail: $1299.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD




Pry Open the Preserves…Antique Jewelry from Big Sky Gold’s Holiday Menu


When we are long gone, there are a few things that generations to come will remember us by…

Your family photos. Grandma’s stuffing recipe. Aunt Judy’s ring.

When we are long gone, these are a few things that generations to come will remember. This jewelry has passed the test of time.

If you have a favorite piece, pull it out of your jewel box this Holiday Season. WEAR IT. It will have more meaning if it becomes ‘a part of you.’

If you are looking for an heirloom, please consider something from our collection. Here’s a smattering of what we have on hand at Big Sky Gold.

ART DECO… Cluster dome ring, lovingly crafted in Platinum. All diamonds VS/G-H or better. 1.50 carats!

Appraised in Florida, $6550.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD





Even if she never gets to kiss the Blarney Stone, this is sure to get YOU kissed! Opals and diamonds–the energy of the moon and the sun, in one vintage necklace. A full carat of VS/H+ diamonds.

Retail: $3395.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD.







Get creative. These 1940’s clips can be worn on non-pierced ears, on the shoulders Of a Hattie Carnegie, or even on SHOES. Akoya pearls!!!

Retail: $1950.  Big Sky Gold: $644.







Wow.  Two bezel-set diamonds in a wearable, flashy ring from the 1940’s. Over a carat, total weight. Lovingly restored by my custom goldsmith.

Retail: $3200.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD




…with the hand that wears this ring. Pass the truffles, please. 1.37 carat center.

Independently appraised at $15,865.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD





Please call us at 406-453-7300 or email

Yogo Sapphires–from Big Sky Gold’s Holiday Menu!



A luscious .77 carat AAA quality  (finest) Yogo, .26 ctw. of VS clarity diamond trilliants. This ring will never go out of style. Retail: $8K.









Three Marquise Yogos, served across the finger, .54 carats, total weight…low profile.  This one is meant for an active gal who wants a big look without a lot of weight on the finger. Retail $2100.






These dainty Yogo ovals, .58 ctw., are served with appetizer-sized diamonds on my favorite mini-oval leverback earrings. Retail is over $1000!


(Next course, below…please page down.)








…and she’ll need smelling                                                                                                         salts. 7.16 ctw. of fine, matched Yogo Sapphires.  Retail: $6600. BIG SKY PRICE: SOLD!



Identical necklaces for sisters, mother and daughter or best friends. Tell me the name of the Holiday movie where these lyrics were sung— and when you buy these two necklaces, you’ll get $50 off! Retail: $1875.







Loose Yogo sapphires, from $200 and up, gift boxed, to be set into a pendant, ring, bracelet or earrings (or a navel ring?) Give her one of Montana’s ‘crown jewels’ and let’s design something special. A BIG SKY GOLD EXCLUSIVE.

CALL 406-453-7300 for your appointment, or e-mail us at for more details, or to see what else we have to offer.




Keep checking! We’ll post more eye candy later this week.




Too Late to Hang This Ice from a Lovely Neck…all three are sold. I have more! Please call.



Three necklaces for the lovely woman in your life, all set in 14 karat white gold 

The 1.26 carat pearshape diamond is big enough for a partridge! It’s an F Color, and this crystal is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. It’s got exceptional fire. Retail is about $9,000. I selected this diamond from a parcel that had just cleared customs from Israel. SOLD.

Below the pear is a heart shape diamond necklace. This is perfect for a daughter, niece, college sweetheart, sister or mom. The .30 carat H Color, SI2 Clarity diamond is nicely cut. Retail is about $8000. BIG SKY PRICE: SOLD

The modern necklace on the bottom is stout yet feminine. Yes, the diamond is small–only .15 carats, but the impact is timeless.  Retail: $750. BIG SKY PRICE: SOLD

As usual, these are one-of-a-kind. Call 406-453-7300 or email if you are interested in putting a diamond necklace under your tree this Christmas…and, especially if you are in Montana, stay warm!

Don’t forget to “like” Big Sky Gold on Facebook and enter our drawing for a $1,000 gift basket.  Scroll down for details.

_ _ _ _, Frankincense and Myrrh


Dear Wise Men:

Please obtain frankincense and myrrh from other sources. 

For gold, we got you covered.

Shown: 1/10 oz. Australian Koala, 1/2 oz. US Gold Eagle, 1 oz. South African Kruggerand, 1 oz. US Gold Eagle, 1/4 oz. US Gold Eagle.

5 to 8% above spot price (fractionals are higher) + $50 for the coin frame. Necklaces for sale at 12% over melt. Lowest price in the lower 48. Supply of these necklaces is limited to items shown. Investment value, at this price is unlimited.

Merry Christmas & See You Next Year!


Remember huddling around the neighbor’s color television set to watch an Andy Williams special? When every store in town closed for Christmas? The year Uncle Wilbur brought that bleached blonde strumpet to Christmas dinner?

I’m old enough to remember when Grandma had too much hard cider and danced on the coffee table on New Year’s Eve (and later on, the time she took a bite of some strange brownies  left by a tie-dyed neighbor– and did the same thing).

Regardless of your religious beliefs, it’s great to have a time of year to draw closer together, laugh at old memories and make some new ones.

To that end, Big Sky Gold & Diamond will be CLOSED from Dec 24 until after New Year’s. This year I’m having some minor foot surgery so I’m not back in until about January 15th.

Pull out a jigsaw puzzle, make hot cocoa from scratch, fall asleep counting your blessings. Pull out an old photo album. Have a good laugh. Have a good cry. Pray for peace, and the strength to understand other points of view.

Best wishes for a sparkling 2014.

Claire & Tom



A New Year…Time for New Beginnings..and Maybe a Ring?


I can’t stop at putting away the Christmas ornaments: after a season of celebration and clutter, I’m reorganizing and looking forward to new beginnings.


I’m not alone. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had quite a few inquiries from people who are looking for engagement rings. “Can we schedule an appointment?”

Let’s talk first, okay?

I’ll do my best to help you select the right ring–even if it’s not from Big Sky Gold.  

Some couples don’t want diamonds. That’s okay, but there are good reasons to set a diamond into a ring that you’ll wear for the rest of your life (or until you trade it back to me for a bigger one!).

Diamonds are 40 TIMES harder than the next hardest gemstones, rubies and sapphires. For a lifetime of hard wear, nothing beats a diamond. They also go with every color in the rainbow–and should you find yourself without a sherpa in Nepal, a diamond always has cash value (hopefully enough to buy that Eurail pass to Paris).

I remember one embarrassing moment with an engaged couple a few years ago: he came in thinking  of buying a half-carat, and she was thinking nothing under three carats! They worked it out and came back later, but you’re better off hashing out diamond size and  budget before you go ring-hunting. Hint: if you aren’t ready to talk about budgeting, maybe you should wait on the ring :)

A gorgeous 1.15 carat certified “D” Color diamond wedding set, brand new for 2014. SOLD!

The more modest your budget, the more you should spend on the center diamond. If you have a $2000 budget, and you want a hand engraved platinum setting, you’ll be lucky to have $500 left for the engine once you have blown your money on the chassis. 

Keep in mind that, although diamond are usually NOT a great investment,  when purchased wisely (from someone like me) they are a good cash asset. The setting? Unless it says “Bulgari” or “Webb” it’s likely to be worth the weight of the metal on the scale and a fraction the wholesale list price of the tiny diamonds (I’ve recently held a $15,000 semi-mount that was worth $800 in cash).

My promise: I won’t sell you a ring that goes ‘putt-putt.’

That isn’t to say that we don’t stock some reasonably priced wedding rings (generally our engagement rings start at $1500 and go up from there).

Feeling klutzy? Avoid perched rings and high settings.

Once you set a budget, think about  lifestyle. Do you work with your hands? Are you klutzy? Will you remember to take off that antique filigree ring before you go heli-skiing? Unlike a lot of jewelers who’ll sell you a ring you’ll learn to dislike, I’ll ask about your livelihood and your pastimes and try to match you up with a ring that you will love more and more as the years go by. 

Generally speaking, this means a serious sit-down before you spend your budget on this year’s fad…and sometimes, it means lobbying for a diamond or ring shape that looks better on your shorter fingers or longer hands, too.

“Okay, NOW can I schedule my appointment?”

Uh… we’re close.

Think about the shape of diamond you might like, and perhaps about the alloy that you’d prefer. Hopefully these links to a couple of my hubpages blogs will work: and (You might have to copy and paste these into your browser).

Now you are a savvy consumer, ready to discuss a major purchase with a jewelry professional! Call me at 406-453-7300 to set up an appointment.

As a wholesaler, I don’t keep a big inventory at my studio: a lot of my jewelry and loose diamonds are at retail stores throughout the inland Northwest.  Give me a few days’ notice to round up my best ideas and options for you.

It’s January 9th and I am out of the office for at least another week. I had double bunion surgery (both feet) Tuesday and I’m not putting weight on them until Dr. Fisher says it’s okay. I’m scheduling appointments for the last week in January…No worries: I’m confident they’ll be a few blingy Big Sky Gold brides-to-be by Valentine’s Day!

Questions? Call 406-453-7300 or shoot us an email at




Bad Rocks, Cash Assets, and Diamonds That Go Moo


If, ten years ago, you bought a well-cut 4.00 carat F Color, VVS2 Clarity round brilliant cut diamond,  the wholesale list price of your diamond has gone up 170%.

If you bought that diamond from me, and you want to sell it, call me: we’ll both make money.

Choosing the best diamond is like selecting real estate…if you’re in a good neighborhood (on the Rapaport Price Sheet) you’ll do okay. If you bought an “over-improved” property, say a nicely cut G Color, Flawless .38 carat round brilliant diamond, over that same ten year period, you lost 22% of your money.

I’ve been a jeweler for over twenty years, and I have the courage to tell most of my clients that many diamonds are a lousy investment. When purchased wisely, a diamond can be a solid cash asset. What does that mean? After a decade of enjoying it, you should be close to breaking even.

Which diamonds are BAD PURCHASES? What’s a good CASH ASSET DIAMOND? And what variables turn a tiny piece of compressed carbon into a CASH COW? I’m going to give you step-by-step instructions for each of these categories.

First, take a cursory look at this chart, and page down. You can spend more time playing with numbers later.

Rapaport “Ten Year Price Performance” Chart


Diamonds may be very pretty, and they might make her heart go pitter-patter. But if you are an accountant or a budding venture capital gal, there are reasons to avoid a bad day at Black Rock.

Even though they might be pretty, Small rocks are bad rocks. No one cares if you have a certified, colorless, flawless .18 carat diamond. Or a .35 carat. It hurts to say this, but a fine .80 pointer is just no great shakes. You are better off, if you have a limited budget, to go for something you can see without squinting, and not worry that you won’t get your $500 to $2500 back. In the jewelry biz, remember: the lower the price, the higher the profit margin.

Retail rocks. If you are working with a budget under $3000, for goodness sake, look for someone like me. Small diamonds have very high markups at retail, and since their re-sale value is so low, dealers like me tend to have more than our share of .40 pointers that we’d like to sell at a fraction of retail. They may not make you money, but you won’t be out $2500 for a forty pointer.

Rocks with “iffy” certificates. I don’t want people to sue me, so I won’t list them here. Let’s just say that, despite real issues, G.I.A. certificates are still the standard of the gem trade. EGL USA certs are reliable, though less stringent than G.I.A. Remember that EGL is a franchise, and the offshore EGL certificates don’t carry the cache of domestic EGLs. (I’m being nice; I didn’t even mention IGI).

ANY DIAMOND that requires a payment plan.

Diamonds that are already set--especially those diamonds that are set in fancy settings with lots of whoop-de-dos, halos, etc. Settings can distract you from the quality of the center diamond. Don’t fall in love with the chassis and wind up with a diamond that goes “putt-putt.”

Special deals “just for you.” Don’t fall for a lousy certificate, a bad cut, or some fast-talking jeweler. I lost a sale to an old high school classmate of mine when he was on vacation in a warm climate. “The jeweler liked us so much,” he gushed, “he sold it to us at 25% of the price on the tag. He told us he lost money on the sale!”

Uh huh, sure he did.

If you are dealing with a legitimate dealer, he or she can liquidate items INSTANTLY, for cash, at below wholesale values. Why would a stranger give you a ‘special deal’? I do give my local clients extra consideration out of loyalty, and because they are my only advertising… but I don’t lose money on a sale.



Chances are, if you are still reading this post, this is your neighborhood. High five!!!

A diamond that’s a cash asset is:

____ AT LEAST ONE CARAT in weight. (The bigger the better…look at the chart).



____FACES white (unless it’s certified ‘Fancy’)

____is CERTIFIED by a legitimate company OR has been honestly assessed by your jeweler. “Look, I know this says F/VS1 EGL, but in my opinion, it’s an H,   SI1.

____Is priced within reason of the Rapaport Price List (published weekly). A huge discount might mean you are looking at an estate diamond (used) or that the diamond is not of the standard reflected by “Rap.”

____is probably a round brilliant. Rounds appreciate faster and are less likely to be damaged by everyday wear.

DO NOT EXPECT TO MAKE MONEY on a cash asset diamond. DO NOT EXPECT TO BREAK EVEN for five, ten, or even fifteen years! But as you carefully wear and totally enjoy your diamond, you should feel confident that in a couple of decades, when that snowmobile you just bought for $8,000 is no more than scrap metal over at the Filipowitz Brothers Metal Yard, that this diamond is just starting to hit its stride.

If your budget is between $6,000 and $12,000, please don’t settle for a bad rock. You deserve a cash asset.



1.Set aside some real money. $25K is a nice start. $50K is better. $100K, as long as it does not exceed 5% of your net worth will give you a private, portable asset that should make you, your Sweetheart (and your heirs) happy.

2. Interview a jeweler before you look for a diamond. Talk to more than one. Be sure your jeweler of choice is globally connected, credentialed, experienced, and… here’s the kicker…tell him or her you want to see the invoice(s) on your purchases. Negotiate a fair percentage of profit for this professional, based in part on the complexity and availability of the gemstone portfolio that works best for you. (Keep in mind that shipping/courier charges can be substantial). If you elect to have me (or someone like me) represent you at an auction, be prepared for a tutorial and a dose of patience.

3. When the jeweler points her index finger and says,”Get out of my studio”, offer to wire funds IN ADVANCE, if they will agree to a contract.

4. Decide TOGETHER whether you are looking at one rock, several diamonds, or a selection of natural fancy color. Discuss whether you’ll want wearable diamonds or something that’s best kept in a vault. Agree that the balance of your contract will be refunded or conveyed in precious metals, at a standard profit margin of 3%.

If you have chosen your expert jeweler wisely, you will save money with this strategy.  Most jewelers don’t keep $200,000 diamonds in the showcases: it’s just too much of a liability; it’s smarter, instead of having a jeweler ship in diamonds “on memo”, to commit to a diamond investment with a seasoned professional who is capable of negotiating a cash deal. Everyone will cut their profit margin on a sure thing–of course, confirmation of the certificate and, in the case of Fancy Color,personal inspection are critical, along with a Rapaport and auction search (like real estate comparables).

5. In your contract, specify a completion date for your transaction. Give your broker time to find a great deal but don’t let her play the float with your funds.

6. Be prepared to hold your sparkling investment for at least 3-5 years to a decade. (Now you can look at the price performance chart, above).

Asas soon as Martin Rapaport complains that I published his chart “intended solely for the (diamond) trade”, I might have to take it off the Internet.  If you email me, I’ll email you a scanned copy for  your records. I also have price performance charts for 1 year, 5 years, 20 years, etc…as well as price performance data on various color/clarity/carat weight combinations.

Call me about converting your wheat crop into a cash cow, and I’ll share all my data (including my invoices) with you. 406-453-7300.















A Little Late Season Ice…Something to Fight the Winter Blues, and…Scroll Down for C-O-L-O-R


For the blushing bride, or the Butte copper lover: #4042, 1.07 carat Round Brilliant in Rose and White Gold Designer Wedding Set .  2 carats, total weight. Retail is $10,000. Who said saving money isn’t romantic??? From Big Sky Gold via a Montana jewelry store client of mine, this ring is …SOLD.


Over 2 and a half carats of natural sapphires 
and a quarter carat of diamonds in platinum 
demi-hoop earrngs that hug the ears, just so.
Retail: $5,800. Big Sky Price SOLD


#4043: For a woman who  GETS TO THE POINT. 1.53 carats, total weight, trilliant shape diamonds, G Color, SI1 Clarity, in 14 k. white gold (these also make great side diamonds with a big rock in between!)  Retail: $8,800. BIG SKY PRICE:SOLD





#4041: A suite of Princess Cut Yogo Sapphires and Diamonds…ready for your neck and ears to move right in! HOT OFF THE JEWELER’S BENCH. SOLD






#4028…A six carat, concave cut Morganite, with diamonds in a modern pendant. This one ain’t dainty: it’s over an inch long!  Retail: about  $1000. Big Sky price: SOLD
















From a jewelry store closing–Montana sapphires, spessartine, zircon, morganite, tourmaline, citrine…and more. At prices that will ASTONISH . (click to enlarge)

SIGNED, Sealed and (Just Let Me know) Delivered?


Clever designer diamond earrings with white sapphires and removable citrine dangles. Paolo Costagli. New. Retail: $4,100. Big Sky price: SOLD

Matching Paolo Costalgi necklace, sold separately. $1350 retail; $890,Big Sky Price: SOLD

Signed Sophia D, calibrated sapphire and diamond ring. with a 1.20 carat center, .71 carats in sapphires, and .68 ctw. in the LOW, clean setting. Big Sky price: $SOLD

One more from Paolo, please…1.50 carats of pink sapphire and 7.50 carats of peridot: perfect for Spring! Retail: $2,100. Big Sky Price: SOLD


Roberto Coin signed two-tone 18 k. bracelet. New, tagged over $2200. Big Sky price: SOLD

Jeff Cooper Wedding set with a Collection Color 1 carat Radiant Cut center. 18 k. white gold. Retail: $15,000. Big Sky price, the set, SOLD



In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love…


What shines the most? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not the diamond! My client J.D. Arnold, popped the question on April 6th. Yep, this is what it’s all about.

If Tennyson’s words or the lovely moment captured in the photograph motivates you, please page down…

#4047 Emerald Cut Diamond and Yogo Sapphire Ritani Ring, in platinum. 1.04 carat center, I/VS, .76 ctw. Yogo Sapphires, size 5 (sizable). Retail:$11,000. BIG SKY PRICE: SOLD


When is a TRIPLE ZERO a TRIPLE HERO??? When it’s an A.G.S. certified Ideal Cut, Ideal Polish, Ideal Symmetry .52 carat E Color VVS2 Clarity diamond in an 18 karat white gold, princess cut accent ring. For the finger that prefers the rarefied air to the big splash. Retail: $7000. Big Sky price: SOLD








#3955. Put on those nylon stockings…the ones with the seams up the back… and don this 1.30 carat classic solitaire from the 1940′s. SOLD









4048. The symbolism is perfect for a love that’s lovelier, the second time around…this Yogo sapphire came in, all bashed and bruised. After recutting, it tipped the scale at exactly 1.00 carat. This Yogo deserves a second chance at a happy life on your finger, in the company of two 1/3 carat diamonds in platinum. Retail: $15,000. Big Sky Price: SOLD










#3991. Just because you have a modest budget doesn’t mean you can’t give her a one-of-a-kind engagement ring! Uber-hip ‘across the finger marquise diamond retails at about $3500. From Big Sky Gold, SOLD

If you paged down this far, take a guess at where I photographed the banner for this post…POST IT AS A COMMENT, BELOW. If you are the first to guess correctly, I’ll buy you and a companion a drink, and I’ll make a donation to The Great Falls Food Bank in your name…

A magnificent necklace at an unbelievable price…


In daylight, this 3.20 carat certified natural ‘color change’ Madagascar sapphire is a bright royal blue; in the evening, under incandescent light, it’s violet, for sure! Set in platinum with a tiny VS clarity, G Color diamond halo (.18 ctw.) and a platinum chain. Wholesale comparables (not including the $2200 setting) run between $8000 and $11K. FROM BIG SKY GOLD, this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME necklace is yours for $4328.

The Blue Box…from Big Sky Gold


Estate Tiffany & Co. hallmarked platinum band in original box with blue packer! On the Tiffany & Co. website at $1750. Our price, $750 plus sizing (it’s about a 6 3/4 right now). Hurry up on this one…it’s a steal!

The Well-Appointed 21st Century Jewel Box…


…features updates on the timeless classics, commemorations of life’s milestones, and wearable art. If you are in a committed relationship, a ring is the perfect symbol…and if you happen to be from Montana, it also features a Yogo Sapphire.



Perfect for your princess! .76 ctw. VS Clarity, G and H Color. Nicer quality than most people put in their engagement rings! $1452, set in 14 k. white gold. 













This Paspaley Pearl Strand retails for over $24,000. From Big Sky Gold, $11,484. Graduated South Sea Pearls, sustainably harvested, from 11 to 14 mm. The unique clasp is actually a double-drilled pearl–which can be swapped out for a diamond-encrusted ball!






Unlike its prong-set cousins, this bracelet will not snag on every little thing. It rides low and clean, and will layer beautifully with a watch (and ride solo with a great tan). If you are sensitive to white gold alloys or you work in a hair salon or other chemical-exposure occupation, platinum is the ticket! Call for special pricing.

These earrings are the harmonic convergence of art, mathematics and value. Six precision-set citrine, tiny diamonds and white sapphires. The artist’s name is Paolo Costagli. Look! The citrines are removable. Let’s design something unique to expand the look. New. Retail: $4,100. Big Sky price: SOLD












#4055 The best bluffy engagement ring at Big Sky Gold. She wants a one-carat in white gold micro-pave? You’ve been to the mall, where these rings run between $8,000-$10,000? How about $2890 for this 1.18 carat I1/K (a mall jewelers’ grade would be SI3/J) Round Brilliant, complete with 18 karat white gold .66 ctw. diamond ring? The kicker is that the size must be darn close. This estate setting is about a size 6 1/2…SOLD






































Call or email us at, and we’ll do our best to find you one of these rare treasures…and our best simply can’t be beat!

Check out our Yogo Sapphire Jewelry Gallery–the link is on Big Sky Gold’s home page. In the meantime, here’s a favorite: Emerald Cut Diamond and Yogo Sapphire Ritani Ring, in platinum. 1.04 carat center, I/VS, .76 ctw. Yogo Sapphires, size 5 (sizable). Retail:$11,000. BIG SKY PRICE: $5,987.


Sparkle This Spring!


Radiant cut diamonds are a personal favorite, because they are:

*More durable than Princess Cuts, with clipped corners that withstand strong blows and the setter’s hammer.

*Usually priced lower than Princess Cuts, which are in higher demand.

*Timeless. The popularity of Princess Cuts could be transient; the Radiant, a modern twist of the “Modified Square Brilliant” will endure. Want proof? Go look at the Sotheby’s and Christie’s jewelry auctions. The auctions are redolent with Radiants.

*Bright! Some light return studies demonstrate that the light reflection and refraction rival the modern Round Brilliant.

My 3.01 carat Radiant Cut is stunning. True, the EGL diamond consult calls it a G/VVS2, and by G.I.A. standards, it’s probably an I/VS1 or VS2. If you are looking for a stellar pedigree, this is probably not your diamond.

If you seek the most beautiful diamond for your dollar, something unusual and cut and polished to perfection, close your eyes and picture this gem on your finger.



It’s Good to Have Friends in Sparkly Places!


DIAMOND EVENT DATES: Thursday, May 1, Friday May 2; Monday-Friday May 5-9

Diamond Days at Big Sky Gold: May 1-2, May 5-9

I’ve been doing business with a certain diamond cutter and importer for the better part of two decades: it’s good to have friends in sparkly places.

My friend’s family has extensive interest and influence in the diamond trade, and although he’s sad that I’m going to close my studio in December, he’s offered me a special chance to work with his incredible inventory while he’s galavanting  around India for ten days.

For every wish that comes true for you, Big Sky Gold will answer a need: every diamond sale from my friend’s inventory will include a donation in your name to My Neighbor in Need–a charity that helps meet the specific needs of our neighbors in northcentral Montana. A student might need shoes, an elderly person could require  an appliance repair, a low-income single mom could be worried about the bald tires on her car.

You’ll sparkle, and Great Falls will be even greater!

To take advantage of this promotion:

*You must be on my client list (or have a friend or family member who is on the list who will vouch for you and will accompany you to your appointment).

*You need to have an idea what you are ready to buy; my friend’s assistant will be waiting in his office to ship me the diamond of your dreams, but for security reasons, I plan to keep my inventory exposure to a minimum. If you need help narrowing down what might work, just call me at 406-453-7300.

*Appointments MUST be scheduled in that time window (1 May to 9 May, weekdays).

*Three days’ notice is usually required. Call me, leave a comment below, or email

Along with my friend’s loose diamond inventory, I have some great surprises, and treasures I’ve decided to part with…

Check back over the next few days, for specific diamonds. Pictures, certificates, setting ideas,…and a Diamonds by the Yard necklace that you’ll NEVER want to take off.

John Atencio, anyone? This fully restored 1.51 carat certified G Color SI1 Clarity center diamond is set into a luscious 18 k. white gold two piece “Apropos Plus” Atencio design. Retail: $24,000. Big Sky price: $9,856.


One Week Only: DIAMONDS DIRECT…From One of the World’s Most Respected Cutters & Importers


Our fundraising week for My Neighbor in Need officially starts on Monday, and with a few pre-sales last week, we’re already at $400! Our goal is to hit $1000 in donations by Friday.

For every diamond Big Sky Gold sells before Friday May 9, we’ll donate $100 per carat minimum, to My Neighbor in Need.  This grassroots Great Falls non-profit CUTS through bureaucracy to get help to where it’s needed most: a senior citizen on a limited income needs a new mattress; a working mom with bald tires, a kid who wants to take a swimming class but doesn’t own a suit.

#4045. 1.04 carat F Color, SI2 Clarity Trilliant cut in John Atencio “Prisma” Design. Retail: $8,500. Big Sky price: SOLD

CUT is the most important of the ‘Four C’s', too: we specialize in beautifully cut diamonds. Come see our loose diamond selection, including these lovelies:

Here’s some math that’s easy enough even for MEN to understand: TWO certified two-carat Round Brilliants, ‘Hearts & Arrows’ cut, for about what you’d pay for ONE two carat diamond at the mall…Call for details (on similar matched sets: these two are SOLD.



This 1.51 carat cushion cut diamond is graced with the finest pedigree in the diamond world, a G.I.A. certificate. Big Sky price: SOLD

Diamond Week Continues!


#4061 1.52 E Color, I1 Clarity Radiant Cut in platinum “ribbon” motif ring. Retail $8500. Big Sky price: SOLD

1.25 ct. Center, handcrafted platinum.  Retail $9900. Big Sky price,  $6611.









FREE RING! A 2.13 carat oval J Color, SI3 Clarity diamond, just resting atop this 18 karat white gold baguette behemoth (it’s not set in there–yet). I’m a picky diamond grader; this is a mall’s “H/SI2″. SOLD

Diamond Week Fundraiser: We’ve Met Our Goal!


Last week’s DIAMOND WEEK FUNDRAISER has brightened up the Big Sky…

AND raised $1,025 for a great local charity, My Neighbor in Need.

Let’s see, we sold two 2 carat diamonds, a 5 carat diamond, a pair of .71 ctw. stud earrings, a 1.30 carat cushion cut, and a 1.25 carat European Cut in a custom platinum ring! Whew!!!

It’s going to be fun to surprise the folks over at My Neighbor in Need, who have no idea that they’re getting a nice check, thanks to you.

Keep checking this webpage, and if you haven’t ‘liked’ Big Sky Gold on Facebook, you’re missing out on some special deals….Seven and a half months remain before I close up shop.  Call 406-453-7300, anytime–or leave a comment below.



My Neighbor (a little less) in Need


Claire with Dave, from My Neighbor in Need

Thanks to your purchases from last week’s diamond event, this morning we were able to present a check for $1025 to Dave from My Neighbor in Need. This great program has already fulfilled over 2,500 needs in northcentral Montana…and they just opened up a satellite office in Chinook (someone up there needs a bike helmet: it’s their first need).

Visit for more information, or give them a call: 406-750-2542.

If you’d like to make an additional donation, here’s their address:

My Neighbor in Need, P.O. Box 1788, Great Falls, MT  59403




Celebrate Summer in Big Sky Country…


…with a pair of fine Montana sapphire earrings. Big Sky Gold purchased the inventory of a jewelry store that went out of business: though we don’t normally carry Montana sapphires (we’re Yogo fans around here!), Montana sapphires can still be pretty. And at these prices, who can resist?












#4056 Just under 1 carat, total weight, these classic-hued Montana sapphires are set in 14 k. yellow gold martini settings. Just right for your summer tan! SOLD. Scroll down, there’s more…








#4033. Once these 1.53 ctw. Montana sapphires  set into earrings, I had to admit, at first glance they looked like their cousins, the Yogos. Retail: $850. Big Sky price: $484




















I have a few loose Montana sapphires, ranging from just over a carat, down to .40 carats. Call 406-453-7300 for details on the Montana sapphires in this tray. Click on the picture and click again to enlarge the image.

Summertime Sparklers!


#4077: Three Rare ‘scissor cut’ Emerald Cut Yogo Sapphires in a stack ring with tiny diamond accents. Retail: $1000. Big Sky price: $544. Stack with a nine-baguette diamond band #4078, retail: $1800.  BOTH SOLD…







Do the TWIST. The great thing about these handcrafted bracelets is that there are gemstones on BOTH SIDES, so they’re never upside down! #4079 is the white gold one with. 67 ctw. of Yogos, and & #4081 is the ROSE GOLD brascelet with just over a half carat of diamonds. THE WHITE GOLD ONE IS BEING GIVEN AWAY AS PART OF OUR SAPPHIRE MONTH PROMOTION. The rose gold bracelet is $789.

Ten carats of European cut diamonds in platinum…email or call 406-453-7300 for details.









Capture the sun in a white gold swirl ring. This .65 ct. YELLOW SAPPHIRE looks like a 3/4 ct. vivid yellow diamond, and the setting features .75 ctw. in tiny diamonds. Retail is $2200. For $840, you can look like a million bucks. 

#4076 Princess Yogo Studs                                I had a pair of these in last Christmas, and they sold lickety-split, so I set up this pair with RARE PRINCESS CUT YOGOS. 1/2 ctw. AAA Yogos.  SOLD




Like Fred Thomspon says in Die Harder: “Rack ‘em, Stack ‘em, and Pack ‘em”


Summertime BLUES, with or without diamonds. Starting at the top, the .22 ct. oval YOGO is SOLD, the asymmetrical .15 ct. YOGO Princess with diamonds is  SOLD, the four .10 carat princess YOGO ring with diamonds is $511, and the ‘on pointe’ princess .12 carat YOGO is $314.  All in 14 k. white gold.
















As of August 12, just the bottom two Yogo Stackers are available.

No worries! I’m putting together three more to replace the two I’ve sold! They should be in my office in plenty of time for SEPTEMBER, which is, as every jewelry fan knows, Sapphire Month.

Want one of these rings in rose gold…with diamonds instead of Yogos? Send me an email at and I’ll give you a quote.

Autumn’s Coming: The Perfect Season for Necking!


#4106. For the Montana native, the nostalgic expat, or someone who just wants to look the part, this 1/2 carat triangular cut  FULL DEPTH Yogo and diamond necklace is perfect with your Levis or Wranglers. Retail: $2199. Big Sky price: SOLD.


#4103 and #4098, Oval Yogo Sapphire and Diamond Suite….SWEET! .58 carat OVAL estate Yogo  pendant and two .25 ct EACH Yogos in the oval earrings. Retail this set is close to $4,500. SOLD

Tahitian Pearls from Montana? You bet. I picked these up in New York City from a friend, had them strung up in Tacoma with a clasp from Louisiana. These pearls have been around…Now, put ‘em on your neck. Retail: $3000. Big Sky price: $1492.

For your #1 FAN! Vintage element converted to a pendant with a revival style chain.   Almost FOUR CARATS of diamonds…in platinum, center drop is over 1/2 ct. Retail: $9,900.price: $5850.





Looking for a Tahitian Pearl necklace? A pair of diamond studs? An engagement ring? Anniversary band? Yogo Sapphire stack rings? South Sea pearl pendant? Rolex President? Big diamond?

Much of our inventory, at any point in time, is being shown at jewelry stores.  We’re happy to fly it back for you. Please call 406-453-7300 or email to set up your appointment in our Great Falls studio, which closes permanently on Christmas Eve, 2014.

Until then, we are THE SOURCE for fine jewelry for our neighbors and friends in Northcentral Montana!

Scroll down to see a bit of what Big Sky Gold has to offer!



I hate websites with music, so just pause here and got to YouTube and play the guitar licks from AC/DC’s “The Jack” as you scroll down…slowly…

Now, that’s one juicy fruit. There’s a reason that pear shapes make such classic pendants: they flatter any woman’s frame and figure! In a timeless diamond frame, this .30 ct. YOGO SAPPHIRE is ripe for the picking. Retail: $1200. Big Sky price: $655, including chain.

A rare pair. Two Princess Cut YOGOS = .54 ctw. Retail: $1100. Big Sky Price: SOLD
























Take your medicine! This 1.14 ct. fancy oval (I call it a ‘Lozenge Cut’) is the cut from the very finest YOGO Sapphire crystal, In the old days, this would be called “AAA.” Retail: $17,870. Big Sky Price: $8791.












This blue angel will make her heart soar… The center is a rare round brilliant .48 ct. YOGO, the halo is 1/8 ct. in diamonds, and the two bands (they float freely) also feature tiny full cut diamonds. Retail is about $2700. SOLD!

Downstream From Our Yogo Sapphires…


…there are some pretty alluvial “Montana Sapphires.” Although Big Sky Gold specializes in Yogo Sapphires, once in awhile I acquire some special “imports” and Yogo’s kissin’ cousins, Montana sapphires.

I purchased the entire inventory of a long-shuttered jewelry store awhile back. I had to take nearly everything out of dated settings, and I’m still setting up stragglers. Shout at me if you want a loose Montana sapphire; I have a few floating around the safe–and scroll down for more information about that RING!

Just say “Oui!” to this French cut sapphire in an early 14 karat ‘silver over yellow gold’ bar pin. Perfect across a collar, on a lapel, holding a scarf, or on the hatband of your favorite cowboy ‘chapeau’.  Who says starting an antique jewelry collection is expensive??? From Big Sky Gold, this little lovely is SOLD!


This is a ‘sunshine sapphire’–but it’s okay if you put down your Courvoisier without contradicting whispers about your new vivid yellow diamond ring…Retail: $2400. Big Sky price: $840.

Several Cinderellas have tried on this magnificent Thibaudeau ring, to no avail. It’s TENSION SET , which means it can never be sized.  Award winning design in platinum and 18 karat gold, set with a Montana sapphire. Will it fit YOU? Message me on Facebook, or send me an email at, and I’ll tell you the EXACT size… At $945, this NEW RING may not just fit your finger, it could also suit your budget!

Do you “like” Big Sky Gold? I’m going to give away something very special, very soon.  If you’re on Facebook, please check us out! You could be the lucky winner of our YOGO SAPPHIRE BRACELET. I was going to give away a ring, but I decided a bracelet doesn’t need sizing :) Check back in a few days, and I’ll post a picture and details…

ENTER OUR SAPPHIRE MONTH GIVEAWAY–You Deserve a Yogo Sapphire–and Pet Paw See can use the funds.


If you’ve visited our Great Falls studio, you’ve probably heard the saying, “Every Montana woman deserves a Yogo Sapphire.” If you can’t afford to buy one, maybe you can WIN OUR YOGO SAPPHIRE BRACELET (see below). Hey, if you just want a small one, I have some very reasonably priced ones, just email me at


Montana’s untreated, unheated, globally respected blue corundum is the uncontested “Crown Jewel of the Treasure State.”
Every companion animal deserves a loving home, too. There are lots of worthy local organizations, as well as individuals who do everything from take in a lonely stray, call to report animal cruelty, or adopt an unwanted dog, cat, bird, guinea pig, ferret, fish, reptile, mule or amphibian from an Animal Shelter, a kindly veterinarian, the alley behind their house, or from a neighbor in dire need.

Si Si, my son’s rescued cat, was not sure about this carpet covered cat toy.

Okay, we’re cat people around our house–but I have great affection for all animals (don’t you think that, as a general rule, animals are less annoying than people?) Through life’s unique twists and turns, we can count on our animal companions to offer us moments of joy and comfort. To me, this bracelet, with its hand crafted 14 karat white gold links, symbolizes those twists and turns, and the Yogo sapphires are always there like our dogs and cats and horses and peregrine falcons, whether things in our lives are right side up or upside down–and even when it’s impossible to know the difference!

Win This Bracelet!

To win this lovely bracelet, all you have to do is POST A PICTURE of your favorite animal on Big Sky Gold’s Facebook page. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON, please–unless you schedule an appointment for this month, in which case you can double your odds (I’ll add your name twice to our hat).  For every entry I get on Facebook’s BIG SKY GOLD page, I will add $2.50 to our donation to PET PAW SEE, a Great Falls nonprofit that fosters and helps to adopt out unwanted animals. We will donate up to $1000 to Pet Paw See!

Since I’ve started this contest a week later than I had planned, it will go through October 8th. Grab your smartphone and take a picture of that smart animal of yours, and post it on Big Sky Gold’s Facebook page before you forget.  THANKS.

PROTECT YOUR JEWELRY COLLECTION…and add to it for FREE, if you are the lucky winner of this bracelet…


Win me!


How big is your computer screen?

If you have an iPad, you might be able to print the picture of the bracelet out, life size, to see how lovely it is. The hand-twisted wire links, the DOUBLE SIDED bezeled Yogo Sapphires, the sturdy, graceful lobster closure…

Just log onto Big Sky Gold’s Facebook page and post a picture of your favorite companion animal–that’s your entry into the contest AND it’s a $2.50 donation to Pet Paw See, a great group of volunteers who help homeless animals.

Big Sky Gold will donate up to $1000 before our drawing on October 9th. One entry per person, please…unless you schedule a September appointment with Big Sky Gold: everyone on Big Sky Gold’s appointment calendar this month gets an automatic extra entry into the drawing.

You may yet find this lovely bauble on your wrist next month. In the meantime, keep all your jewelry safe and well-cared for! My insurer, Jeweler’s Mutual, also offers competitive individual policies directly to clients of Big Sky Gold. They sent out a brochure recently with some great tips for jewelry care.

  1. Get checkups. At least once a year, take your jewelry to a jeweler for inspection and cleaning. They’ll check for loose settings, worn prongs and other potential problems. Ask for tips on how to clean your jewelry at home between visits.
  2. Clean regularly. Clean your jewelry at home to avoid dirt buildup that can increase wear, but use precaution. It is always best to use warm water and a baby soft tooth brush. Stay away from sinks and drains–and harsh chemicals.
  3. Don’t wait. If you see a loose stone or a prong that is worn or catches on fabric, it could lead to a lost stone. Take the piece to your jeweler and have it checked immediately.
  4. Store gently. When you’re not wearing your jewelry, place each item in a separate soft compartment or container. Storing jewelry cluttered together can cause scratches. Never hang necklaces as that can cause them to stretch. Be careful when using ring holders or jewelry dishes as these tend to stack rings on top of each other, which can cause damage.
  5. Go easy. Diamonds are among the hardest materials on earth, but they can chip if struck at the right angle. Don’t risk a damaged engagement ring. For any potentially high-impact activity, store your ring safely on the sidelines.
  6. Insure it.  Be sure to get jewelry insurance with coverage that’s right for you, so if you do experience theft, loss or damage, you’re covered. Your peace of mind is worth it.
I’l add a few of my own.
  1. Don’t take that ring into the pool or hot tub, please. Chlorine compounds and gold don’t mix! Salt water can damage some jewelry, too. Wet hands are slippery hands, and big waves can suck necklaces off your neck and into the drink..
  2. Consider keeping jewelry in memorable but unlikely places. Jewelry boxes are targets for thieves.
  3. When traveling, take extra care. You might forget to lock the room safe: leave that precious heirloom at home, or have the concierge lock it in the hotel safe.
  4. Don’t store your jewelry beside drains, grates, car vents, etc.
  5. Pearls are especially vulnerable: LAST ON, FIRST OFF!
  6. If you wear mineral makeup, the powder base can buff out microscopic layers of gold. Black fingers or black necklines? Check your powder.
  7. If you want to buy a safe, CALL ME. I can aim you away from ‘silly safes’…If your jewelry collection adds up to a  big chunk of change, ask your safe seller about a TRTL30X6. If (s)he shrugs, call me. (sometimes jewelers sell old safes and I can save you a bundle on a safe that a banker would envy).
  8. Check your insurance policy. Some policies do not cover ‘mysterious disappearance.’ Some people think their homeowner’s  policy will cover lost, stolen or damaged jewelry…most often you have to “schedule” an item of high value (often above $1500). ASK YOUR INSURER before you have a loss.
  9. WEAR YOUR JEWELRY. It’s not happy being locked away for months–or years–at a time. You want your heirlooms to be associated with you, right? Unless your family and friends see you wearing your treasured pieces, I believe they worn’t carry your aura. Wear it, gift it, or sell it!
  10. If you intend to give a piece of jewelry to a charity or loved one, be sure it’s in good repair!

Hmmm…should I go back to blonde?





When I say “every Montana woman deserves a Yogo Sapphire,” I mean it.

It was a bittersweet moment when I found a parcel of small marquise shaped Yogos tucked in my offsite vault: they were left behind by Mike Roberts, the fellow who revitalized the old Vortex Yogo mine.

A couple of years before Mike had his tragic accident, I flew in some bigwigs from back East. The goal was to impress them with the depth and beauty of the Yogo sapphire deposit.  To do that, we nearly buried my little Great Falls studio in blue rocks. My cases were brimming, and the buyers were impressed.

The organization and cleanup afterwards was rushed. In our haste, I missed this parcel of marquises…so in honor of Mike, I’m going to sell them at a deep discount.

I’m not taking appointments to show these. They are what they are. The Yogos measure approximately 4 x 2  millimeters each, I’ll match them up in pairs, and set them in MADE IN THE USA 14 k. rhodium plated white gold settings with 14 k. post and clutch backs.

Retail is about $320.00 a pair. YOUR COST IS $144 a pair (plus shipping at cost). THESE ARE SMALL EARRINGS! They’re larger than a flaxseed, but not by a whole bunch. Like if the flaxseed was on steriods…

Your granddaughter’s first earrings.  Something blue for the bride. “Honey, I’ve gone hunting–but I left you these.” A donation to your church raffle. For those SECOND HOLES, the September baby or the graduate who would appreciate a touch of Montana when she’s off to college next year.

YOU MUST ORDER THESE VIA EMAIL. Contact me at for payment information. I’m confident I can set up ten pairs, but that’s probably all I’m going to be able to match up from this lot.

Here are a pair set up, with some other small Yogo sapphire studs. They’re the third pair down…


It’s Still Sapphire Month: Are You a Lady who Sings the Blues?


Sapphires, on the Side.


There’s a little over a week left in Sapphire Month at Big Sky Gold.


Yogos are served up front and center, and we still have some Montana sapphires, loose and set into  earrings and rings.

We love sapphires even when they sing harmony–and most especially, when they’re in classic, wearable rings like these.

FOR THE NIBBLER. Despite being set into an original antique ring, the tiny calibrated “peak” sapphires in the first ring  (on the left) are likely to be…synthetic! The first synthetic sapphires, when they came out at the turn of the 20th century, were so popular that they often displaced the real McCoy (and they wreaked havoc with the natural sapphire market when it came to watch workings, too). In early 14 k. white gold, the center of this diamond ring is a tad over 1/3 carat. It sings perfect ‘harmony’ on that naked pinky of yours. Retail: $1000. Big Sky price: $427.

THE PICKY EATER, Do you have an eye for antiques and hands that are into EVERYTHING??? This center ring is one of the most wearable antique styles I’ve had in my studio. The center is a 3/4 carat European cut, and the ring is crafted in 18 karat white gold. I still wouldn’t recommend it for hard wear, but this ring isn’t the catchy, prongy type. Tagged $8150.  Your cost, $4849.

OR THE THE GAL WHO PREFERS TURDUCKEN.  Take a one-carat diamond, add a couple of ELECTRIC BLUE sapphire trilliants on the side, totaling well over a carat. Sprinkle with as much sparkle as you can fit on an 18 karat white gold dish! This ring is high-grade premium eye candy, at a price that will make the competition eat crow. Tagged $10,560. Big Sky price: $5512.

As usual, these rings are ONE OF A KIND. Please call or email soon for your appointment. 406-453-7300/


With Apologies to P. D. Eastman: Are You My Jeweler???


A fellow hung up on me when I asked a personal question this morning. I get it that. Jewelry stores don’t ask such things, but because of the unique security concerns for my business, and the nature of being a “personal jeweler” I don’t let anyone in my door unless I know them.

I’m not your ordinary jeweler.

I may not even be the best jeweler for you.

Since I announced that I was CLOSING the doors to my bricks and mortar store in Great Falls at Christmas, I’ve been very busy with a lot of referrals, family and friends, and a few people who’ve stumbled onto Big Sky Gold on the ‘net. I need to know who you are, not just to protect myself, but also to learn what will work best for you: if you’re in the medical field, you’ll want something glove-friendly; if you have a newborn, you don’t want dangly earrings. If you’re from Texas, I’ll show you a diamond on stilts!

“Can I schedule an appointment for Thursday?” Maybe. Because Big Sky Gold is a legitimate wholesaler, most of our inventory is not under our roof: it’s out at jewelry stores! If you want an engagement ring or a pair of studs, chances are we’ll have it (if not, we’ll have a friend who’ll fly it in for you). You can’t just ‘stop by’ and expect to be wowed. We need to prepare a presentation for you.

Some happy customers.

And in return, you need to be ready to buy when you come in…I’m not asking for a guaranteed sale, just preparedness that if I show you a ring that “talks to you” that you’re flush enough to lay down cash. Please do not ask for weekend appointments.

Will you take payments?  No. Never. I may be a jeweler, but I’m also a bona fide Jewish Mother. Get a loan for education, for your home, for a business–not for jewelry. If you can’t afford to pay cash, lower your budget. From me, your dollar will go surprisingly far.

The time to comparison shop is before you buy.

That’s another reason I need a few days: I like to prepare a written proposal, so you can take it with you to comparison shop.

“Do you promise to be the absolute cheapest? Nope. We’ll be among the lowest priced fine jewelers you can find–either in person OR online, but if the primary variable for your purchase is finding the cheapest ring, I’m not  your gal. I have standards of quality; I’m classically trained. I won’t sell anything I wouldn’t wear myself. Also, if I’m bringing in something I don’t own, I’ll show you my invoice, and share with you what I expect in commission. I try hard to sell you something that fits your lifestyle, not just your budget. Some jewelers will let you walk out of the store with the wrong ring. I won’t.

Do you sell $500 engagement rings? I specialize in diamonds of a carat or more…sometimes MUCH more. I carry a few engagement rings at $1500-$2000, but the bottom line for engagement rings tends to go up from there.  This is an era of niche marketing, and big rocks at small prices have been my niche. Big Sky Gold stocks gift items starting at about $400.

Can I just come to browse? I’m sorry, but I need some guidance. Looking for an anniversary gift? A pair of studs? A strand of Tahitian pearls? I’ll need to know your style, your budget and your timetable, and then I’ll schedule. Big Sky Gold has never been set up for browsing. 

Will you reset my diamond? Will you evaluate the collection I inherited? In this last three months of my bricks and mortar business, I don’t have time–unless we’ve made arrangements prior to September 2014.

Can you refer me to someone who take over for you? Not yet. I’m asked that every day. I plan to maintain an online presence for at least a year, mainly to sell the bling I’m sitting on at the end of this year, but also to handle high-end, unique ONLINE requests that allow me the freedom of mobility that I crave.

My studio will cease to exist, and for security reasons, I will never show jewelry in my home.

Since I announced my imminent closure, people in the jewelry industry have loaded up my cases, and promise to continue to do so until my doors close.

Right now, I have the BEST SELECTION OF 1 carat+ ENGAGEMENT RINGS THAT I’VE HAD IN THE LAST THREE YEARS! I’ll post more pictures soon, I promise.

Just sold to a VERY happy client!


If you have the patience for some invasive questions, if you are willing to wait a few days to come in, if you are ready to pay cash and you have a good idea of what you are looking to buy–and if you can come in on a weekday–please give Big Sky Gold a chance. Call anytime, 406-453-7300: we have a 24/7 message machine.

I don’t ask for a guarantee that you’ll buy from me, but — until Christmas, if you can come into my Great Falls studio, I’ll do what I can to make the competition shrug and sigh.

THANKS. We’re truly grateful for your business and your trust.




Special Requests Filled HERE.


It could be that special ring you’ve always wanted.

2.97 carat K Color VS Clarity Solitaire. $19,857. THIS ONE FACES GREAT!









The earrings Audrey Hepburn wore….

…or maybe you want me to find you an (insulated) solid gold cigarette holder?










Oh, yeah. Now I remember. It’s the big bracelet that you were SURE you were going to inherit, the one that wound up on your cousin’s wrist after all.

An Art Deco Bracelet…worthy of a Diva…





The money you cashed in from that CD that is earning diddly, waiting to be invested in a portable, tangible, beautiful, private asset: a natural color diamond.

An Assortment of the World’s Most Condensed Form of Wealth: Natural Fancy Color Diamonds












This is your last chance…

for that amazing Alexandrite.

Yes. This is the SAME GEMSTONE under different lighting conditions. It’s literally ‘phenomenal’!













If you are not already a client of Big Sky Gold, please disregard this message.

I’m going on a mission, and I ain’t taking marching orders from strangers. If you know me, you know I won’t sell you anything that doesn’t fit your lifestyle, your budget, your portfolio…or your neck, finger, wrist, or that erotically placed piercing. And if you are looking for something exotic, if I’m not an expert, I have a cadre of friends in NYC who will point me in the right direction, and sic me on the finest goods with the sharpest pencil imaginable.

Within the next few weeks, I’m taking a brief trip to my place in New York City.

I’ll be visiting the finest gemstone dealers, the most respected antique experts, and a couple of guys who’ve emptied their vests for me, right there on an oak table on 47th Street, and said, “Claire, take your pick.”

If your name is in my client file, I will take your wish list, with my trained eye and decades of experience, and be sure that this upcoming Holiday season will come with good old fashioned smelling salts.

Please email me at (sorry, WordPress is NOT letting me hyperlink this!) or call me at 406-453-7300 and leave a message, 24/7. I’ll get back to you. We’ll narrow it down.

I already have three requests on my list, but I have room for maybe four or five more…

Before I close my by-appointment studio in Great Falls, I’d love to get the chance to be your family jeweler…one more time…WITH FEELING!!!





On a Fed Ex Flight…Sorry, this one is gone!!!


Six months ago, I’d have cut the cutter a check, because, after 22 years, I know when I have a winner.
You gotta see this diamond.

Taken with a cheap camera, no special lighting, on my windowsill…

Seriously, it’s a star pulled from the firmament, meant for your finger.
I just spent $100K on Holiday inventory; as much as I love this diamond, I can’t justify buying it right now.
So, if this diamond “talks to you,” please talk to me. I would be damn near as proud to sell it as you would be to wear it, for the rest of your life.

Here’s a picture of me and my hubby, celebrating our 25th anniversary–a few years ago–on the dance floor at the old Tavern on the Green, NYC. May you be so lucky!

 It’s the perfect ‘show/value’ diamond.
*At 3.10 carats, it’s a rock that befits the Big Sky.
*It’s stunning. Aside from all the other variables and paperwork, it’s a ‘weak-knee’ diamond.
*It’s beautifully cut. Unimpeachable, on paper as well as on the hand.
*It looks BIG. And I mean BIG: that’s because it’s an oval. A three carat round will be about 9 mm. This oval measures 11.84 x 8.51 mm.: to my skilled eye, it looks like a 4 carat oval.
*It’s not “overkill color or clarity.” Though it looks like a 4 carat oval, VS2/G (dealer book over $90K), it’s a 3.10 carat I/SI2.
*It’s got ‘strong blue florescence; the I color faces up like a G. Amazing.
*It’s got the best papers in the business:



Measurements 11.84 x 8.51 x 4.49 mm
Carat Weight 3.10 carat
Color Grade I
Clarity Grade SI2


Depth 52.8 %
Table 55 %
Girdle Medium, Faceted
Culet None


Polish Very Good
Symmetry Very Good


Fluorescence Medium Blue


Clarity Characteristics Twinning Wisp, Crystal, Indented Natural




My cutter knows what he has. He’s no fool. I can hold onto until Monday, unless I’ve got a serious inquiry. With my usual commission, this diamond would sell for $25,296.
I offer it to you for $24,080. To pop it into a Tiffany-style solitaire, add maybe $500?
Go to the mall. You might be able to buy a 2-carat “IGI” or “EGL International” for that price… this pedigreed puppy will put a 3-carat  lump in my competitor’s throats.
It’s a ‘no regrets’/lifetime purchase. Whether you live on the periphery of the Bob Marshall, or jet to Milan, this is the diamond you’ve been waiting for.
Call 453-7300 and leave a message if you want to see it.

Last Call For Repairs!


Final call: No More Repairs after FRIDAY!!!

Wow, we’re working on custom platinum rings for a 5 carat diamond, a three carat diamond, a spectacular necklace for a 2 carat pear shape diamond…and a half dozen other projects.

It’s time to take the stiletto out of my goldsmith’s lower back, and maybe sheath the whip.

IF YOU BOUGHT YOUR RING, ETC. FROM ME, and if it needs repair, please call me NOW 406-453-7300. Leave a message if I can’t answer. As of MONDAY NOVEMBER 3, I am no longer guaranteeing that I’ll take repairs.

Every day people ask me where they should go for specific services after my bricks & mortar studio closes on Christmas Eve. Early in 2015 I will send out a mass email to let people know the best routes for care and maintenance of their fine jewelry.

Please email me so I can include you in that list!  My email is

Beep Beep —SOLD!


Five carat total weight studs.

We call ‘em headlights here at Big Sky Gold.

Great big diamond studs.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing holey jeans or if you are dressed for holy matrimony: when you are sportin’ a pair of FIVE CARAT TOTAL WEIGHT DIAMOND STUDS, heads turn.

If you have two kids, you have an excuse to invest in a family heirloom for each of them. If you don’t have two kids, well… you have two ears, don’t you???

At a posh retail jeweler these certified COLORLESS diamonds would sell for about $60K. Big Sky Price: SOLD.

Oh, did I say that one of them is a certified IDEAL CUT?

Go out into the garage with a calculator…Hmmm…all those toys for boys add up, don’t they?





ALL THREE YOGO STACKERS SOLD! (Keep an eye out for more!)


Three New Yogo Sapphire Stackers!


This 2.5 mm. VERY SMALL but EXTRA RARE DARK YOGO stacker is SOLD in 14 k. white gold. Was $294…(One more being made, price should be close!)

The Three Marquise Yogo Ring, totaling .57 carats in Yogos–and two diamonds totaling .11 ctw!–is also 14 k. white gold. Though this one is sold, another one is being made to be GIVEN AWAY AS PART OF OUR HOLIDAY DRAWING.  Retail value: $1,800.


The bottom stacker in the picture is a .27 carat Emerald cut, in a 14 k. white gold swirl motif channel set band. SOLD. One of a kind, I think, unless you make me custom cut a Yogo!


Do you wear a size 6??? This tri-tone 14 k. diamond eternity band trio is a STEAL! 2.14 carats of fine “Collection” diamonds (D-E-F/VS+) in ROSE GOLD, YELLOW GOLD and WHITE GOLD. Click on the picture to enlarge. Sold only as a set! ALL THREE FOR $2767.



Big Sky Gold’s BIGGEST HOLIDAY CONTEST EVER!!! Enter ONLY on Big Sky Gold’s Facebook page.


No…this isn’t for sale. Read on for an explanation…



This last Holiday season with a showroom in Great Falls is…well..bittersweet. I’ll miss the wonderful people I’ve met in the last twenty-two years, and I’ll sure miss spreading all that glittery happiness, in person, across the table.

Life has many gifts to be celebrated, but jewelry tends to be one of our most personal and enduring legacies.

Please post a picture of YOUR special gem, your favorite ring, perhaps something you inherited, along with a sentence or two explaining why it’s special. If you no longer have that piece of jewelry, post a picture of something that reminds you of it…

For each entry I will donate $3.00 to MY NEIGHBOR IN NEED ( to (at least) $1,000…I’m putting together a drawing for a VERY SPECIAL GRAND PRIZE, which I will announce in a future Facebook post.

Please LIKE Big Sky Gold on Facebook for updates…and, okay, I admit it, because I want at least 500 fans by Christmas Eve.

I’m not eligible, but here’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It’s a gold nugget in quartz, originally sold from Butte’s famous Hannifin sisters’ jewelry store…it’s in rose gold with Yogos. It’s NOT for sale. Butte’s arbiter of good taste, Randy Scharf, sold this to me about two decades ago. My husband wore it at his son’s wedding, in lieu of a tie!

What’s YOUR talisman, your heirloom, your signature piece?

I Hate Gent Rings…Except This One. INTERNET SPECIAL #1.


106 A Hearts on Fire Gent Ring FDM MEMO









I hate gent’s diamond rings.


Some of ‘em look like they belong on Elvis impersonators. Others look…well…a little too feminine. If you’re a small fingered guy, a diamond ring can look like a brass knuckle. Jewelers and put the crappiest diamonds in gent’s rings, thinking that, heck, a guy will never notice…

This is the nicest gent’s ring I’ve had in my studio in years and years.

It’s an original Hearts on Fire ring, crafted in platinum. It’s meticulously cast, nice and heavy, and right now it’s a sizeable size 11.

It’s not too wide. It’s not too narrow. It’s not prongy, it’s not perched. IT’S JUST RIGHT.

And the diamonds??? Wowsa.

These three IDEAL CUT SQUARE BRILLIANTS are like little sparkling dice.

Yes, this is an estate ring. If it was brand new, from HOF (Hearts on Fire), it would be close to $8,500.

From me, this like-new beauty is SOLD!




brass knuckles.









After Posting those Hearty Entrees, How About a Few Appetizers?




Thought you couldn’t afford a diamond eternity band? Think again. You MUST know her ring size! Retail: $900.  Quantities limited. Big Sky Gold: $465.







Lucky you! Gorgeous estate princess cut diamond, .55 carats, VS Clarity. Includes ‘wheat link’ white gold chain. Retail: $2,000.  Big Sky Gold: $878.









Diamond bracelet in 14 k. yellow gold, 1 ctw., with detachable jacket. Estate. $1299, at retail.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD!











FOR CINDERELLA. It’ s gotta fit!

Award-winning Thibaudeau 18 k. yellow gold & platinum SIZE 6 1/4 ring with Montana sapphire. Retail: $4,000. Big Sky Gold: $890.

Call me, Cinderella!

A Few More Appetizers to Nosh On…



The best of the Montana blues: Yogo Sapphires! 2.27 carats, total weight. Retail: $2,000.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD












Chocolate diamonds, that is. The pendant? A .97 rich-hued Round Brilliant, the earrings? .52 carats, total weight.14 k. The earrings are sold! The pendant is available for $588.












It’s not a yellow diamond, it’s a yellow SAP- PHIRE! I sold the diamond out of this ring, so this ‘reset’ sells for a song. Retail: $2.499.   Big Sky Gold: $872








With a 4.60 ct. cushion cut tourmaline, set with a wide bail to accommodate her favor- ite chains. 14 k. Retail: $1,399. Big Sky Gold: $377












Nearly 2″ long with seed pearls, a natural ‘drop’ pearl. Just say “Oui.” Retail: $600.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD

Saturday Chef’s Specials–Hot off the Holiday Menu


Yep, it’s “Small Business Saturday.”


If he licks your ear! These flirty Yogo French wires are accented with tiny diamonds—and they are just as happy served up with a strapless dress as a sweatshirt! Retail: $1,500.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD.












This pear shape AAA (finest) quality Yogo Sapphire is framed in a dangle necklace with Nearly 1/2 ctw. in diamonds. $2,999, at retail.  Big Sky Gold: $1766, complete.












Is it purple? Is it blue? It depends on the light source. Over candlelight, it’s violet. In daylight, blue. Served with diamonds. .61 carat Yogo. Retail: $4500.  Big Sky Gold: $2,147.









A softer, smaller version of Superman’s Diamond-shaped chest decoration, perfect for a Montana gal. It’s strong AND feminine. .28 Yogo, diamond halo. Customized. 18″. Retail: $2000.  Big Sky Gold: $854.









of this luscious Ritani platinum ring, with a 1.04 ct. Emerald Cut center,  VS Clarity, of course. Retail: $11,000+.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD!



Let’s Start With Dessert!


The thermometer was down below zero last week, the retail shops are decorated for the Holidays, a dusting of snow reminds everyone that the Holidays are coming. We’re all grateful to the ones we love for making the Season special. Please check out Big Sky Gold’s Facebook page to check on the rules for our Christmas drawing, a benefit for 

This time of year we are ALL like little kids, so I’m posting Big Sky Gold’s Holiday menu with my favorite course FIRST: dessert!


Over FIVE CARATS of RB cut diamonds in a classic Yellow gold estate bracelet. Retail: $8,500.  Big Sky Gold: $3,456.


It’s called a ‘bypass ring’ but, believe me, all eyes will linger these .50 ctw. AAA Yogos and tiny diamonds. Retail: $2,100.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD.


Classic “faded jean” blue, set in 14 k. yellow gold martini settings. 1.95 carats, total weight. Retail: $799.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD.

Here’s the first section from Big Sky Gold’s Holiday Menu…a hard copy will arrive in your mailbox around Thanksgiving. In the meantime, these desserts are one-of-a-kind. Please let me know if you want details! –Claire


They’re not only Yogos, they’re from my personal stash, bought from the old Yogo Creek Company, defunct in 2005.  Nearly 6 ctw. of diamond cut Yogos. Retail: Go find one.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD.


go all the way around—but only If you wear a size SIX! VS+. In rose, white and yellow gold. Retail:$5,000.  Big Sky Gold: $2,567.





H-U-G-E 9 carat+ freeform pear cabochon. The play of color in person? It’s mesmerizing. In a custom pendant, a sure conversation piece. Holy Haile Selassie. Tagged for retail at $4,200.   Big Sky Gold: $1,967 (or, show me your driver’s license and pay me the the year you were born! $1963? $1949?).

The Holidays are the Perfect Time for Preserves!


From my Holiday Menu:

Big pic, tiny “baguette watch.” For a smallish wrist. Tagged:$8K! Big Sky Gold: SOLD





Get creative! These 1940′s clips can be worn on pierced or non-pierced ears, on the shoulders of a Hattie Carnegie, or even on SHOES. Retail: $2,660.  Big Sky Gold: $544.











Wear a snood, turn up Glenn Miller and don this ’40′s era watch. Jewelry from the Greatest Generation! Retail:$2,599. Big Sky Gold: $888.











…comes a solid 23 k. (test) gold bracelet with 1.50 ctw. in diamonds. Granulated details. HEAVY! Retail: $6,000.  Big Sky Gold: $3,151












Five small and one nice-sized bezel set diamonds adorn this Art Nouveau necklaceOn a sweater or on skin: make a statement!Retail: $2,275.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD.

Hold the Maple Syrup: This Stack is Sweet Enough, Already


Facebook fans and Internet clients get the first view of  Big Sky Gold’s Holiday Menu, which will be in the mail by next week!


This gorgeous ring will go to the winner of Big Sky Gold’s Holiday drawing!







This .14 carat diamond cut Yogo in an easy-to-size ‘Etruscan Re-vival’ ring. Retail: $999. BIG SKY PRICE: SOLD







Eternity band with bezel set diamonds & prong set Yogos. Size 7! Re- tail: $1399. BIG SKY PRICE: Yikes! This SOLD before my menu was published.







The center marquise Yogo rides slightly above the pave bands allowing enough space for tiny bands on both sides! .26 ct. Retail: $1500. BIG SKY PRICE: $690. 









for the finger: this uber modern marquise rides along with your wedding band or accents a pinkie. Retail: $1700. BIG SKY PRICE: $644. 







This tiny Yogo is small but spicy. VERY dark, for a Yogo. From my personal stash…Retail:$899. BIG SKY PRICE: $297. 






Flat on top, straight on the sides. Retail $1299. BIG SKY PRICE: SOLD!



With a YOGO SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING giveaway, surprise drawings, a charity drive and and ONLINE ONLY specials, this is a very special season at Big Sky Gold & Diamond.

In NINETEEN DAYS, it will be Thanksgiving.

As we contemplate a few inches of snow headed our way in northcentral Montana, we know that Christmas, Channukah, and New Years Eve aren’t far away… along with the closure of Big Sky Gold’s Great Falls showroom.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting our signature Holiday Menu online, section by section, along with special treats JUST FOR MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS and WEB CLIENTS.

Check back soon for the first column of our ‘menu’ AND details about our Holiday giveaways!!!

In the meantime, be sure you LIKE Big Sky Gold on Facebook to get in on the fun…Here’s a picture of the Yogo Sapphire & Diamond band we are GIVING AWAY in time for Christmas.



Three, Two, One…Blast off!!!


Send her into the stratosphere with this spectacular 3.02 carat G.I.A. certified diamond. It’s a TRIPLE EXCELLENT: the cut grade, symmetry and polish are truly, by the highest standard…excellent.

Why is this diamond different from other G.I.A. certified 3 carat Round Brilliants?

Because it faces up like a G Color, VS2 Clarity diamond. The Rapaport wholesale list price for a 3.02 carat G/VS2 is $75,500. That means, from a posh retailer, you’ll pay about $100,000 for a diamond that looks like this.

From me, this diamond is $31,240. You can pay more than that for a 2 carat diamond of similar quality at a local retailer.

*At 3.02 carats, it’s a hair over 3.00 carats. A 3.00 is in much more danger, with a nasty blow, of needing a recut that could take it down below the “magic number.” (A 2.96 carat is NOT a 3 carat).

*It’s got an excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmetry.  I mean it.

You pay a lofty premium if you go up one step in the grading system, from “excellent” to “ideal”. This diamond looks ideal, all day long. Take it to your appraiser without the diamond certificate, and he or she will tell you that you have an “ideal cut diamond.” A triple excellent grade saves you money while still putting you in rarified air.

*It’s an I Color WITH STRONG BLUE FLORESCENCE. That’s why it faces up like a $100,000 G Color diamond.

*It’s an eye clean SI2 Clarity. Look at the actual image of this diamond, above. Print it out. Now, reduce it and print it out at a life size 9.3 mm. and tell me: you see anything??? Unless you carry a jeweler’s loupe, no one is going to know that you don’t have a VS (or even a VVS!) clarity diamond.

*It’s pedigreed. This is the certification that makes jewelers stand on their hind legs and dance. (Click on the PDF link, please).


Let’s say you have been married 25 years. At $31,240, this diamond costs $1,249 a year…And that $31,000 car in your garage? In fifteen years it will be worth diddly…and in fifteen years, your 3 carat diamond?  (Insert confident yet feminine smile here).

Please call me at 406-453-7300 for details–and a special offer on a solitaire to go with this diamond!







Fine Italian Designer’s CURRENT COLLECTION SOLD OUT!!!



I love wandering through Neiman Marcus when I’m in NYC.  Barney’s is, to me, as much an art gallery as a retail outlet. I’ll swing into Lord & Taylor on the excuse that it’s “on the way to the library.”

I love designer jewelry. (Okay, I snarfed two pieces of this collection for myself!).

Why don’t I carry designer jewelry anymore?

The more I learned about my niche in the marketplace, the more I steered clear. My clients have great taste, but you have SHARP PENCILS, and I couldn’t justify the required markups that designer creations command.

That’s why this shipment of MARCO BICEGO is so special. Unlike Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks and Marco Bicego  flagship boutiques, I am NOT A BICEGO DEALER. Everything here is brand new, crafted in 18 karat white and yellow gold, with genuine sapphires and fine “Collection Quality” diamonds.

All these earrings, rings, necklaces (and the bracelet) are from Marco’s current collection, in locked displays at fine retailers in Europe and the USA.

And it’s all at about HALF of retail. Check out the HUGE IMAGE, below, then call me. 406-453-7300.

Here’s an example: the 36″  long 18 k. yellow gold necklace that the model is wearing on the home page of Marco’s website retails at $4590. From me, $2495.

I just don’t have time to take photos right now, and I can’t hold onto this collection for more than a few days…here’s a link to the website and my ridiculously huge image… 

My Marco Bicego Collection



Romantic Fare Served with Champagne…and A Fond Adieu


Closing my showroom was a tough decision, but–at its best–life is about new adventures and challenges. I’ll still maintain this website (for a year or two, perhaps?). I don’t want to leave my clients in a lurch, and I have loads of inventory to sell. You can count on me to help (or at least aim you in the right direction), but please don’t count on my being in Montana when you call or email!

Our showroom, circa 2010.

My favorite appointments through the years have been “sweaty palmed grooms.” It’s even more fun when they’ve been to the mall and find out how much farther their dollar will go at Big Sky Gold.

If you know someone who’s about to pop the question, CALL ME NOW. Leave a message on my 24-hour message line, 406-453-7300. Here’s a smattering of the engagement ring selection available at Big Sky Gold…From my Holiday menu.


A book of sonnets or a box of fine chocolates FREE with purchase! .74 carat center! Tagged at retail $8150.  Big Sky Gold: $4,890








Super-bright 100 FACET G-Color RB Ideal Cut In new, ergonomic split shank ring. Retail: $13,675. Big Sky Gold: $6,974







Verdi knew it: women are fickle. Some days we like something, some days, not so much. Switch out rings. Maybe, keep the guy. Retail: $1,999.  Big Sky Gold: $878


Estate Tiffany & Co. PLATINUM band, sizeable (and karma-free after I buried it in the backyard under a full moon). On Tiffany’s website for $1,775.  Big Sky Gold: $775










The most glove friendly ring in my studio, with a 3/4 ct. pear diamond. CUSTOM. Estate. Tagged: $4,500.   Big Sky Gold: SOLD!








Emerald cut diamonds are always a rom $3,531antic statement..This one? A hall of mirrors. Retail: $7,500.  Big Sky Gold: SOLD!



Not on our mailing list? Hurry up! Email me at for your FREE COPY via snail mail.

Happy Thanksgiving! Go to Facebook to enter our Thanksgiving drawing. Your entry is a $2 gift from Big Sky Gold to the Montana Food Bank Network.

Keep checking this website–I’m posting the entire menu here, along with updates on what’s sold and specials just for my online clientele.

Online Special! Interlocked Italian Rose Gold/White Gold/Yellow Gold Bangles


Forget  jingle bells.

In 18 karat gold, these interlocking bracelets ‘roll’ onto the wrist, where they make a gentle jangle. These are SOLID, not hollow! I have a large-ish hand, and they slide on nicely.

Retail is $3,600. BIG SKY GOLD: $1877.  Mention this online special before 12/07/14  and SAVE $200!!! $1677 for ALL THREE.

These never go out of style, by the way. ONE ONLY.

Call and leave a message: 406-453-7300.

Please…don’t diss PEARLS!


A selection of strands at Big Sky Gold…

It’s not often that someone calls my jewelry studio asking for pearls…out here in Montana, where lifestyles are casual, we’re a few miles from fashion shows. When I suggest that South Sea or Tahitian pearls are a great gift–a staple of a woman’s jewelry wardrobe–there’s often a beat of silence. “What else do you have?”

Are you kidding me?

I’m not talking sweater sets or “polite pearls.” I’m talkin’ fashionista pearls, POWER pearls, pearls that go to the rodeo with faded jeans and a blushing cleavage.  Don’t trust me, trust Coco Chanel: pearls look great on EVERYONE. Page down and I’ll prove it.
























I prefer to sell strands ‘unstrung’–that gives us a chance to collaborate on a clasp, and to fit the length to a woman’s size and style preferences (and if there are a couple of full-drilled pearls remaining: instant matching leverback drop earrings!).

If these are a gift, I promise she’ll be impressed. And this is the kind of family heirloom that, well cared for, will last for generations without going out of style.

Please call my office at 406-453-7300. Leave a message. My appointment calendar is filling fast! I’ll return your call a.s.a.p. Or email me at



One Phenomenal Family Heirloom

Wrapped in diamonds, this 1.14 carat AAA fancy oval cut Yogo will satisfy the pickiest gem connoisseur. Retail: $22K+.  Big Sky Gold: $10,684. Call the office at 453-7300; we’re open Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday morning, by appointment.

This rich royal blue Yogo is a museum quality example of the very finest crystals of Yogo Gulch. Imagine the look in her eyes on Christmas morning…and envision this very ring on your granddaughter’s right hand on her wedding day (something borrowed AND something blue).